Affiliate Program

We've launched a new affiliate program for social media influencers!

If you want to earn commissions by referring your followers/fans to our website, just register with our affiliate platform and give out your referral links to track your traffic.

You will earn 7% commission for each sale you referred.

Register here or if you are already registered login here



Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get paid?

We have a NET30 payment policy, meaning you will be paid a month's earning after 30 days have passed from the last day of that month. For example, you made $500 in the month March and you will be paid $500 on April 30th.


What is the minimum payment amount?

Minimum payment amount is $100 USD. Anything below that will be carried to next month's earnings.


How can I generate links?

You can either generate links in this dashboard (see the main menu), or you can just simple add '?ref=##' to any of our links. ## is your affiliate ID.

For example if you want to promote this rug: and your affiliate ID is 123, then your referral link would be: