• Curwensville Area Rug

    Curwensville Area Rug

    MSRP: $1,836.12 - $2,069.91
    Was: $160.00 - $3,180.00
  • Amarillo Area Rug

    Amarillo Area Rug

    Was: $955.00 - $3,180.00
  • Lockbourne Area Rug

    Lockbourne Area Rug

    MSRP: $1,836.12 - $2,069.91
    Was: $115.00 - $1,910.00
  • Curtiss Area Rug

    Curtiss Area Rug

    MSRP: $1,836.12 - $2,069.91
    Was: $355.00 - $3,180.00
  • Peora Area Rug

    Peora Area Rug

    Was: $160.00 - $1,205.88
  • Sargentville Area Rug

    Sargentville Area Rug

    Was: $225.00
  • Centerfield Area Rug

    Centerfield Area Rug

    Was: $111.75

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Animal Area Rugs

We have the latest trends in animal area rugs that provide just the right amount of style and animal vibes that will brighten up any room. Choose from various shapes, patterns, and materials to find a rug that’s the perfect fit for taste, space, and personality. We carry the latest designer-inspired trends at amazing prices—and every animal floor rug we carry is nothing short of premium quality. With so many available statement designs, casual patterns, and amazing features, we have the perfect trendy rug for you. Give your favorite room a spin with the help of our animal area rugs.