A Decorator’s Guide to Bohemian Style

A Decorator’s Guide to Bohemian Style

Bohemian style, also known as Boho, is a decorating philosophy that flies in the face of many modern sensibilities. It champions unconventionality and nonchalance over austerity and strict intentionality. For those who lean toward ornamental richness and enjoy combining elements from a wide range of cultures, Bohemian style is perfect. When executed well, it can give off an air of expressiveness and magic which stands apart from the mundane. Here we present a decorator’s guide to Bohemian style so you can transform your interior into a place of unique wonder and complexity.


When selecting the colors you will work with, you should aim to reflect the luxuriousness and depth that comes with organic shades. To this end, make the dominating hues warm and natural. This includes browns, tans, and earthen greens, which act as the foundational anchors of the room. From there, add in more vibrant colors such as crimson, rust orange, and any brilliant jewel tones you prefer. Emerald, sapphire, teal, maroon, and mustard all make worthy accents to a Bohemian ensemble.

What will truly make these tones shine is how you bring them together. Mix them in layers and embrace your freedom to go eccentric with how you juxtapose them on walls, seating, and tabletops. Avoid creating large solid blocks of a singular color, as this could detract from the aesthetic. Instead, vary them within the same area of the room. Intricacy is key here, and you want your colors to convey playfulness and vibrancy. The glint of metals is also a way in which you can introduce pleasing contrasts, whether they be bronze, silver, or gold. Like jewelry worn to complement an outfit, metals can cut through the viscosity of strong shades and highlight coherency.


Greenery is its own category of decoration due to its ability to instantly bring levity and softness into an otherwise serious or overwhelming space. Since Bohemian style can reside in the presence of busy, yet gentle detail, there is no greater accompaniment for it than plants. They can effectively break up excess and heaviness in an ornate arrangement and bring it into an ideal balance. Their chlorophyll and flower pigments also give them an innate ability to cooperate with the color palette well.

Since there are so many plant species and pots in which to place them, there are endless possible combinations you can employ in your home. You can go with large, broadleaved varieties standing on the floor and stretching up above furniture or more tiny, slender types that you can set on tables and shelves. Plants that hang from high places best suit this style due to how they share traits with the often utilized flowing, formless drapes and curtains. If you’re not the best at nurturing flora, you can find kinds that are low maintenance as well. Philodendrons are hardy in changing temperatures and varying light exposure. Succulents come in a plethora of appearances and need only sunlight and minimal water.

Choose your pots to bring yet more distinctive flair. You can pick anything from a clay version to something made of elaborately designed metal or porcelain. This is just another way you can make the room more multifaceted.

Pattern and Texture

Of equal importance to color itself are pattern and texture. These are what sets apart Bohemian style from many others. Decorations can and should be beautifully intricate, with sundry designs and shapes at play. Think exotic patterns from the folk traditions of cultures all around the world and crafted artwork that embodies whimsy and the elegance of nature. You can find these on the wallpaper, flooring, furniture, and even the carvings on doors and wall molding and skirting. Smaller accessories such as blankets, mirrors, and lamps can also have detailed patterns embellishing their appearance.

As for textures, you can have a mixture of smooth and rough, as well as firm and velvety. You can place textiles, like burlap, next to other types like silk to more greatly define each in the contrast. Wood is always favorable when it comes to the framework of rooms and larger furniture, and it blends seamlessly with the earthy color palette. Whenever you can pick woven materials, do so, as these are sure to bring interest into the tactile realm of your décor. It can also help to have your items worn to a degree to keep consistent with the Bohemian atmosphere.


To achieve the desired look, your furniture should be an eclectic collection of pieces that you accumulate from many different places. Vintage stores are your friend here, as you can come across one-of-a-kind finds that will be right at home among your other furniture. Look for sofas, chairs, tables, and shelves that possess an artistic, though not necessarily matching, allure. Opulent pillows set on your seating and thick and fine curtains will enhance the room even further.

Floor seating is another hallmark of Bohemian style, so you may want to obtain a low sofa and cushions just for that purpose. Make the floor comfortable and attractive by layering multiple rugs of diverse designs. You can do this by first laying out a large rug, then placing a slightly smaller rug over it so that a portion of the first rug is still visible. You can center the top rug over the initial one or layered off to the side of it as well. Often, homeowners do this multiple times until they cover most of the floor. Regarding the types you use, of course, you should have some Bohemian patterned rugs in your home; however, the complex patterns and floral imagery of country rugscan be just as fitting. Mingling well with the designs of the walls, woodwork, and the appearances of the plants you have, they’ll be different, yet consistent enough to evade seeming out of place.

Think about these considerations, and you’ll be able to construct a cosmopolitan interior that has new aspects to discover upon repeated viewings for visitors. If you’re looking for excellent rugs to decorate your home within the Bohemian style, take advantage of our large selection at Boutique Rugs. We can help you find just what you need.

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