Tips for Decorating a Southwestern Home

Southwestern design is gaining popularity due to the contrast between minimal and bold design elements. The warm and neutral tones paired with bold prints can elevate any home. Whether you’re located in the southwest or not, your home can emulate that ambiance with a few design tips. If you’re interested in giving your home a southwestern flair, here are a few things to keep in mind.

Neutral Furniture

One of the most helpful tips for decorating a southwestern home is by keeping the furniture neutral. Choosing a neutral color for the furniture allows color to pop with other aspects of the home, such as the décor. Some colors to consider are tan, brown, or terracotta. These colors are light and neutral, so the room feels airy and open. Don’t feel like you must stick to one color, either. Incorporating a few different tones of brown can add dimension to the space. Leather is also a great option for furniture because it adds an element of luxury to the room.

Eclectic Décor

Décor is an easy way to add southwestern style to any home because it allows you to play around with what works for the room. If minimal decorating is your preferred style, décor is a great way to make your home feel southwestern in a subtle fashion. You can also go bold with the décor, so it is up to preference. Southwestern design is all about bold prints and colors, so you can have fun with the décor by choosing eclectic items. One of the reasons neutral furniture is suggested is because that allows more creativity to occur with the rest of the decorating.

There are many pieces of décor that can give our home southwestern flare. It is important to keep a specific color scheme in mind while decorating so that everything looks cohesive. Think of desert tones when decorating. Any variation of brown, terracotta, or rose is a great option for executing that southwestern vibe. For a pop of color, blue, purple, or green are good options. Throw pillows, art, and vases are opportunities to incorporate bold prints or pops of color.

Printed Rug

Incorporating a printed rug into your home is one of the most effortless tips for decorating a southwestern home. This is one of the best tips because a rug can transform a room on its own. A rug adds warmth to the room and is a great opportunity to bring color into the interior design. The options are endless, so finding a rug that’s perfect for your home is easy. A printed rug adds character to the room, without needing to add anything else. Aside from the Turkish-style rugs, animal print rugs are an option that can add southwestern flair to your home.

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