Extra Large Rugs

Discover extra large area rugs that are 10'x14' and oversize. If you're looking for an extra large rug rug for your spacious room we have hundreds of unique extra large rug designs for you. They all come with various shapes and sizes such as extra large runners, 10'x14' large rugs and oversize area rugs. For large rugs (smaller than 10'x14') you can explore our large rugs collection. Whether you’re looking for oversized outdoor rugs, modern oversized rugs, or any other type of extra large rug, we have various styles to choose from. 

Extra Large Washable Rugs

Our extra large rug collection includes washable rugs for spacious kitchens or rooms with high foot traffic. They are easy to clean and machine washable rugs which makes them the perfect extra large rug choice for kitchen. Washable extra large rugs are also preferred by pet owners.

Extra Large Outdoor Rugs

For big outside spaces, discover our extra large outdoor rug collection. Perfect for large patios, decks or any large outdoor spaces, extra large outdoor rugs come in various styles and materials. Browse our extra large outdoor rug collection for more rug options.

Extra Large Rug Sizes & Shapes

Finding an area rug that is extra large is challenging. Since the it is oversized, it can be more expensive than small rugs or large rugs. At Boutique Rugs, you can find affordable and cheap extra large rugs in various shape and size options. Here are only some of them,

Frequently Asked Questions About Extra Large Rugs

What is the Biggest Rug You Can Get?

The largest rug available at Boutique Rugs is 12x15 feet in size. This size can be a great option for those looking for an extra-large rug to fill a spacious area. It covers approximately 1938 square feet of floor space. It's worth noting there may be even larger options available for some products.

What Size is an Extra Large Rug?

An extra large rug is typically considered to be any rug that is larger than a standard 10x14 feet size. These rugs are designed to cover more floor space and are ideal for larger rooms or open floor plans.

Does a Large Rug Make a Room Look Bigger or Smaller?

A large rug can make a room look bigger by creating a sense of proportion and pulling the eye outward towards the edges of the rug. This can give the illusion of more floor space and make the room feel more spacious. However, it's important to choose the right size rug for your room, as a rug that is too large or too small can have the opposite effect and make the room look smaller or unbalanced. Therefore, it's recommended to measure your room carefully before purchasing a rug to ensure the best fit and proportion.

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