Decorating Tips for Floral Rugs

Decorating Tips for Floral Rugs

If you’re interested in interior design, you know that a floral rug is incredibly versatile. Florals are one of the prints that can stand the test of time. Floral print is popular in fashion and interior design because it goes with just about everything. If you’re looking for decorating tips for floral rugs, keep reading.

Get Creative With Floral Print

Don’t be afraid to get creative with floral print. Many people think that they can only incorporate florals into one piece. This is not true! You can go all out or keep in minimal—there are no wrong answers. If you want to go bold with floral print, you can place florals in more than one place. For example, you can use a floral rug and throw pillows in your living room. You can also incorporate florals into your wallpaper or drapes.

Keep in mind that there are different types of floral patterns. Many people associate florals with femininity, but there are many different floral styles to experiment with. If you want to shy away from the traditional floral print, you can experiment with scale. A floral rug with smaller flowers might come off more feminine than a floral rug with larger flowers.

Consider the Furniture

Considering the furniture is one of the best decorating tips for floral rugs. Do you have a couch for the room? Is there a chair you’ve been eyeing on social media? When decorating, think about the furniture you have already or plan to purchase. Nothing is stopping you from having a printed couch and a floral rug. You can absolutely mix patterns, but you want to have an idea of where everything will go. If you place a printed piece of furniture on a printed rug, make sure the patterns and colors don’t clash.

If you don’t feel comfortable mixing patterns, you can always choose neutral-colored furniture. Fabric couches are a great option because there are many neutral colors to choose from, such as gray, white, or tan. Leather is another great option for neutral-colored furniture.

Keep the Color Scheme in Mind

Make sure to keep the color scheme in mind when decorating with a floral rug. This is a great way to determine which colors to decorate with. If you have a green floral rug, consider decorating the room with pops of green. Another tip for decorating with a floral rug is to choose either a warm or cool color pallet. If your floral rug is warm-toned, keep the rest of the room that way, as well. This makes the room look more cohesive in design.

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