4'x6' Area Rugs

Our exclusive 4x6 rug collection features various styles, colors, patterns, and materials that are the perfect ways to tie any room together. With the help of our 4x6 area rugs, you can add various trends to match your design theme and style.

Our 4x6 area rugs are great for entryways, mudrooms, and even offices; best of all, these rugs also provide protection to your floors and add a trendy decorative piece to your space. 

Check out our small washable rug and small outdoor rug collections for more rug designs. You can find the small rug designs to 4' x 6' in our small rug collection. If you have a specific size in mind, be sure to check the 2' x 3' rugs and 3' x 5' rugs.

We make it simple to add a boutique and designer-inspired style to your home for less. Find the latest trends with the help of our 4x6 area rugs that are the perfect addition for any room in your home.

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