Rug Pads

Our high-quality anti-slip rug pads offer various benefits and features to help your area rug last for many years to come. With the help of our premium non-slip rug pads, you can prevent any injuries from occurring due to sliding. Rug pads provide comfort and cushioning under your feet, so you can enjoy your area rug and get lots of use out of it.

No matter what type of flooring you have, a rug pad from Boutique Rugs can give you the perfect solution to keep your rug in place on wood, existing carpet, tile floors, and more. Experience a difference you can feel under your feet with the luxurious, cushioned anti-slip rugs pads from Boutique Rugs. 

Our area rugs & runners come in one piece but we recommend using a rug pad with them.

Do you have non-slippery backings underneath your rugs? 

None of our rugs have rubber backings that prevent them from slipping. We kindly recommend purchasing a rug pad for your rug. A rug pad will not only prevent your rug from slipping, but it will also extend the lifespan of your rug and make it feel softer. We recommend buying rug pads that are a little bigger than the rug itself. The parts that can be seen out of the rug can be trimmed gently to fit the size correctly. If you do not want to trim the rug pad, we kindly recommend buying a rug pad that is slightly smaller than the rug.  

Do you offer different thicknesses of rug pads to accompany the rug? 

Our rug pads have different thicknesses. If you are looking for a thick, natural, and stain-resistant rug pad that provides extra cushioning under the rug, we recommend our Mohawk Dual Surface Pad which is 0.22" thick. Our Non-Slip Rug Pad is 0.16" thick.  

Are rug pads machine washable? 

Our rug pads are not machine washable. 

Which pad should I purchase and what are their differences?  

We recommend our Mohawk Dual Surface Pad if you prefer a natural and stain-proof rug pad that provides an extra cushion under the rug. If you want a stronger grip, we recommend our Non-Slip Rug Pad. They are produced in accordance with American textile rules and they do not have any harmful effects on human health. 

Mohawk Dual Surface Pad: It is a 100% Felt product. It is natural. Compared to other pads, it provides softness when laid under the carpet. It is produced in the USA.  

Non-Slip Rug Pad: It is a 100% PVC product. It is not natural but does not contain harmful chemicals.  

Do felted rug pads have rubber underneath? 

Our felted rug pads are 100% felt and they have rubber underneath. 

How should the rug pad be used? 

It should be used by rotating the pad every 3 months. 

Do you recommend carpet tape? 

We don't recommend carpet tape. If you would like to prevent your rug from slipping on the ground and to look flawless without any waves, we recommend purchasing our rug pads, such as the Non-Slip Rug Pad which provides a stronger grip. 


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