Machine-Washable Area Rugs
Machine-Washable Area Rugs

Washable Rugs

Looking for easy to clean machine-washable area rugs? Explore our washable area rug collection and find the perfect rug that will upgrade the look of any room.

Whether your pet had an accident on the rug, someone stepped on it with a muddy shoe, or spilled a glass of wine, your area rug will get messy as you use it. Ideal for kitchen use or for the rooms with high foot traffic, stubborn stains, and large spills are no more a time-consuming problem for area rugs that are machine washable. Washable rugs come in various sizes and shapes such as washable runner rugs, round washable rugs, and small and large washable rugs. At Boutique Rugs, find the best washable rugs with hundreds of designs at affordable prices. 

Shopping for a washable rug?

Washable rugs are stain-resistant, lightweight, and kids & pet-friendly. Our washable rugs come in one piece but we recommend using a rug pad for extra cushion.
To increase the lifespan of your rug, care is a necessity. Here are the best ways to clean your washable rugs:

  • Clean your rug with a cotton cloth or paper towel. 
  • Starting from the edges of the spill clean with blotting motion through the center. 
  • Use a solution of dish soap and cold water. 
  • For larger spills and stubborn stains, a washing machine can be used.

Washing a rug in the washing machine?

Place it in the washing machine with the reverse surface of the rug up. Please don't use detergent, bleach, or fabric softener. To clean stains, we recommend pre-treating the rug, gently rubbing the stained area with dish soap, and then washing it in the washing machine with cold water. Please use your washer's delicate cycle. For stubborn stains, repeat these washing instructions.

Fitting a washable rug in a washing machine?

It is possible to use front-loading washing machines, top-loading washing machines, and washer-dryer combos for washable rugs. Using the charts on the product features section of our washable rugs, you can determine the washability of your rug according to your washing machine's load-capacity recommendation.

Are washable rugs thick? 

Our washable area rugs are relatively thinner. We recommend using rug pads to prevent them from slipping and to give them a softer feeling. 

Are all your rugs machine washable? 

Only rugs under the category of washable rugs are machine-washable. Unfortunately, other rugs cannot be washed in the machine. Please be acknowledged that if the rugs not categorized as washable are washed there may be damage like shedding, losing threads, wrinkle, discoloration, and so on. 

How should I dry washable rugs? 

If you air-dry your rug instead of placing it in a dryer after you take it out of the washing machine, there should be no wrinkles or curls on the rug. If you dry your rug in a dryer, there may be wrinkles on the rug, but these wrinkles will disappear within 1-2 weeks depending on the foot traffic on the rug. And your rug will be just as new! 

Can I use detergent when washing my machine-washable rug? 

You can use non-bleach detergents for washable rugs. Using Borax or EC3 is not recommended for our washable rugs. To clean stubborn stains, we recommend pretreating the rug gently, rubbing the stained area with dish soap, and then washing it in the washing machine with cold water.   

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