Rugs as Art: Hanging Rugs on Walls for a Unique Twist

Wall Hanging Rugs

In Western countries, rugs are commonly placed on floors to enhance comfort, absorb noise or define specific areas within a room. However there's an interesting alternative that suggests hanging rugs on walls can achieve similar effects. The practice of displaying textile art on walls is not a recent trend; it has been a tradition for centuries and represents one of the oldest forms of art. A notable historical example of wall rugs is the Bayeux Tapestry, standing as one of the world's most renowned artworks of the medieval age. Today this practice is prevalent in the Near and Middle East where carpets and accents have long been regarded, such as the Persian rugs as wall art, naturally leading to their display as decorative pieces rather than floor coverings. Here are the four advantages of using rugs for wall decoration:

Rugs as Distinctive Statement

Rugs are art. Decorating your walls by hanging rugs is a wonderful method to infuse color, texture, and fiber into your room, providing it with a sophisticated ambiance. Homes featuring wall-hung rugs tend to exude character. You can place them horizontally to accentuate your bed's width alongside your bedroom rugs, or opt for vertical positioning to emphasize a room's height. Wall decor rugs become a key aspect of a living space, allowing it to stand out and reflect the personality of its inhabitants.

Wall Rugs can Create a Cozy Atmosphere

Did you know that a rug on a wall could be very practical? Wall rugs retain heat and introduce a sense of coziness to a room. Materials like wool, cotton, silk, and jute which are commonly used in rugs, offer warmth and contribute to a comfortable environment. A rug not only introduces softness, warmth, and color to your walls but also serves as an excellent means to craft an engaging and aesthetically pleasing space.

They Provide Textural Enhancement

The vintage rugs are no different than works of art, so why not showcase them prominently on your wall? They bear a resemblance to the tapestries that once adorned the walls of castles. Or opting for a contemporary rug as your wall art instead of a traditional print can elevate your room to a distinctive and transformative level. Rugs inherently possess more texture than traditional paintings, contributing to a visually interesting wall. The wall rugs in various designs will provide another dimension to the vertical spaces at home.

Wall Rugs Absorb Sound

Apart from using rugs for wall decoration, the echoes of other rooms can be prevented by hanging a rug. All carpets possess varying degrees of sound-absorbing properties. Depending on the room's layout, hanging a rug on the wall might prove more effective than placing it on the floor in mitigating echoes. Wool stands out as a top material for sound absorption, making a contemporary thick pile wool rug an excellent choice to effortlessly enhance your interior's acoustics. Hanging rugs as wall art can also complement the acoustics, contributing to an effective sound management at your house.


Why confine a striking design to the floor when walls are in need of some decor as well? Wall rugs make a perfect statement, filling the space with texture, color, and warmth for a pleasing visuality. If you’re looking for excellent area rugs, take a look at our best seller selection at Boutique Rugs. We can make your dreams come true for any interior design ideas you have! 


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