Tips for Selecting the Best High Traffic Area Rugs

Tips for Selecting the Best High Traffic Area Rugs

An area rug is an investment that can last for years in your home. Some rug fabrics are longer-lasting than others and are more suitable for areas of your home that tend to see more foot traffic, like a kitchen or entryway.

Dark colors, louder patterns, and durable fibers are attributes you should look for in your search. But what materials are the most durable and stain-resistant? Learn more with these tips for selecting the best high-traffic area rugs.


Nylon is a synthetic material that will last a long time in your home. The fibers are stain-resistant but also absorb dyes well to create vibrant colors. Pet owners and families would do well with nylon rugs because they stand up well to dirt and are easy to clean. Nylon is a common material found in many trendy area rugs.

Nylon tends to be a soft material, making it ideal for younger children who are still crawling. It would be a welcome addition to a playroom, dining room, or living room.


Another excellent choice for durability is wool, a natural fiber created from the spun fur of sheep. Despite its higher cost, wool rugs are a popular choice because they last for years. However, wool requires a bit more of an investment than synthetic fibers like nylon.

This material is also incredibly soft, and the foot feel is distinctly different from other fibers. It repels stains well and is an excellent choice for a household with someone prone to allergies because it doesn’t hold onto allergens that can exasperate illnesses like asthma.

Wool rugs would do well in any room of your home, but their elegance suits more formal settings like dining rooms and sitting rooms.

Sisal and Jute

Sisal and jute are natural-fiber rugs that have a coarser texture but are highly durable. They are very similar, but jute is the softer of the two. Either material is eco-friendly, and you can find both most often in their natural colors—typically a tan or beige. As such, they do very well alongside Bohemian decor.

Either jute or sisal makes a great base when layering other rugs in larger areas like lofts. They are not exceptionally stain-resistant and can withstand high foot traffic. These materials work well in entryways, kitchens, and even outdoor spaces.

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