Top Tips for How To Layer Rugs

Top Tips for How To Layer Rugs

Layering rugs is an advanced style move that can deepen your home’s personality when you pull it off correctly. However, it’s quite tricky because of the sheer number of rug designs you can find out there. Rugs may come in different sizes, shapes, colors, and patterns that can easily clash with the characteristics of other rugs. Using our top tips for how to layer rugs, you’ll be better able to navigate through this chaos and select pieces that go together well and that will enrich your home overall.

Vary Size and Orientation

When layering rugs, you need to make sure each rug is visible, so you should vary their sizes and orientations. The rug you place directly on the floor will serve as the foundation for the others. Therefore, it should cover the largest area and sit straight in relation to the furniture and walls. Subsequent rugs you set on top of this first one can possess different dimensions so that you can see parts of the bottom rug around their edges.

You can select secondary rugs with the same length and width ratio of your base rug or introduce discrepancies within their measurements. Playing around with the angles at which you place those secondary rugs in comparison to the first one can also ensure that each rug contributes to the look of your room.

Stay Within a Color Scheme

Staying within a color scheme is a recurring element in all forms of home decorating, and it thus stands as a top tip for how to layer rugs as well. You must find a middle point between adding interest through color variation and remaining consistent enough that your room doesn’t begin to look too frenzied. Keeping your room’s overall color palette in mind while choosing rugs should enable you to find this balance. For instance, if your room includes blues, beiges, whites, and hints of green, you can treat this established color usage as a guide for your rugs. As you layer, you might pick one rug comprised entirely of light neutrals and another with a few shades of blue. Moreover, you could use a rug pattern that includes green as an accent piece among the other, less loud designs.

Mix Patterns Neatly

Patterned decorations can be valuable tools for animating spaces, but they’re also inherently less safe and less simple to use than their plain counterparts. An appealing aspect of layering rugs, however, is that you can mix different patterns to create an artistic backdrop or focal point for an interior space. To do this, you need to consider the busyness of the room as a whole. If you already have patterned wallpaper or furnishings, it may be better to select simpler rugs to keep your layering ensemble tasteful. In a room that only includes a moderate number of patterns, though, you could go with livelier rugs. Still, as you juxtapose different patterns, try to use similar tones to soften their effect somewhat and maintain visual stability.

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