Why you should choose Boutique Rugs over Ruggable

There are lots of beautiful rugs in the marketplace so how do you choose which brand is right for you? Shop Washable Rugs

Shop Washable Rugs

If you are shopping for a washable rug, you have already decided that convenience is very important to you. With all life’s inevitable soils and spills, who wants to worry about ruining your new rug?

HOLI HOL-2302 Washable Area Rug
Photo by: @itty_bitty_farmhouse



  1. Boutique Rugs washable rugs are one-piece construction. When the inevitable happens and it’s time to wash your rug, who wants to struggle with a two-piece design like Ruggable? The Ruggable two-piece construction means you have to line up the rug cover with the bottom pad after washing and it can be a difficult, time-consuming process to get it right. With the Boutique Rugs one-piece design, just wash and lay flat and be on your way.
  1. So many designs to choose from. While Ruggable offers about 800 designs, at Boutique Rugs you will find over 15,000 designs and over 40,000 SKUs! You are sure to find exactly the rug to fit your style at Boutique Rugs.
  1. Boutique Rugs offers returns for a full 60 days if you change your mind and the rug is unused. At Ruggable you only have 30 days to return. Learn more about our returns policy.

Rosman Washable Area Rug
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  1. You can’t beat Boutique Rugs pricing! Compare our Rosman 8x10 Washable Rug at $271.60 to Ruggable’s Kamran 8x10 at $459
  1. Get rewarded faster with Boutique Rugs. Our loyalty program has you on your way to gaining valuable points for your next purchase much sooner than Ruggable.
When you compare Boutique Rugs to Ruggable, there is no comparison! Shop our Best Sellers and Washable Rugs now!
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