Solid & Striped

  • Allston Area Rug

    Allston Area Rug

    Was: $220.00 - $2,620.00
  • Wigton Area Rug

    Wigton Area Rug

    Was: $1,060.00 - $3,400.00
  • Hewittsville Area Rug

    Hewittsville Area Rug

    Was: $282.00 - $3,449.00
  • Maple Area Rug

    Maple Area Rug

    Was: $133.00
  • Edmeston Area Rug

    Edmeston Area Rug

    Was: $224.25
  • Kanesville Area Rug

    Kanesville Area Rug

    MSRP: $490.00 - $9,990.00
    Was: $367.50 - $7,492.50
  • Wollaston Area Rug

    Wollaston Area Rug

    Was: $175.00 - $960.00

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Striped Area Rug

We carry exclusive and on-trend striped area rugs that feature detailed striped patterns and simplistic designs that create a whole new look and feel to any space. Each boutique-style striped rug consists of high-quality materials for long-lasting use at the very best value—no matter what your budget is. With so many unique styles to choose from, there is a striped rug for every style preference and personality. Our designer inspired striped rugs are a long-term solution that will become the focal point of your space for many years to come. Explore the latest on-trend styles with our striped area rug collection and find the perfect way to upgrade your space.