5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Airbnb Bookings

5 Simple Tips to Increase Your Airbnb Bookings

1. Choosing the Right Rugs for Your Airbnb Listing

As an Airbnb host, maximizing your bookings can be as simple as the decor you choose to create a warm and inviting home away from home vibe. One of the most economical and impactful decorating tools to accomplish this (and get those five star reviews) is with area rugs. Boutique Rugs has the widest selection of quality affordable rugs and decor so read on for our insider tips.

Durable Luxury, Incredible Comfort : Wool Rugs

Your short term Airbnb rental is subject to wear and tear with each new guest . Wool area rugs can withstand frequent use without damage and are incredibly luxurious underfoot. For that “wow” factor that gets a five-star review, choose wool rugs in rooms like bedrooms and dining areas.

Easy Maintenance: Washable Rugs

Washable rugs are also great options for Airbnb listings especially for high-traffic areas like entrance ways, as they can be easily machine-washed and dried. This ensures that your rugs will stay looking and smelling fresh throughout the rental season. You don't need to worry about spills and dirt which are inevitable with short-term rentals. Washable rugs come in hundreds of designs and colors, so you can choose one that will complement your design aesthetic.

2. Using Color to Transform a Space

Professional decorators know that color can change the visual appearance of a room and alter the appearance of the actual square footage. Light or neutral colors like beige and cream make smaller rooms look larger while darker colors like navy or black create the feel of intimacy in larger rooms. Depending on the size or your room, choose a color family that creates the type of atmosphere your guests will enjoy.

3. Create Visual Interest with Layering Rugs

Layering rugs is also a great way to add texture to any room in your Airbnb listing. Choose a bolder design for the top, and then layer it with an underlying rug with a more subtle hue or pattern. This will create an interesting visual contrast, and make the room appear cozier and more inviting. Layering rugs also provides extra sound absorption if your short-term rental is an apartment in your home.

4. Maximize Space and Add Interest with Mirrors

You don’t need expensive artwork in your Airbnb rental. Mirrors make a small room look larger by reflecting light and visually give the illusion of an expanded space. Adding mirrors with unique designs can really add to the character of a room too - select one that matches or complements your décor. It doesn't hurt either that guests have a way to check their appearance before setting out on their vacation adventures.

5. Brighten Up with Thoughtful Lighting Solutions

Lighting can completely change the atmosphere of any room. You want your Airbnb guests to be able to see clearly and feel comfortable in your space, so it's important that you choose the right lighting fixtures for your rental. Wall sconces are a space-saving solution for small bedrooms, as they provide ample lighting without cluttering the floor or nightstands. Installing a pair on either side of the bed looks great and is ideal for guests who want to read a book before sleep. Pendant lights and chandeliers are perfect over stairwells and dining areas, and floor lamps work well for larger living spaces.

Lighting does more than just illuminate. Uplighting highlights architectural features like high ceilings and moldings (if you are lucky to have them) and creates a softer room feel. Overhead or downlighting is perfect for task areas such as kitchens, dining areas, hallways and stairwells so use lighting as an additional design element to enhance your Airbnb rental.

We hope these tips will help you create the short-term rental that your guests dream of and keep those bookings coming.

Happy hosting!


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