A Simple Guide to Common Rug Styles

A Simple Guide to Common Rug Styles

Many variations of rugs exist in the world. You can distinguish different rugs based on their patterns as well as on the way they’re made. When you’re looking through a selection of rugs, you may wonder what the different category names mean. Understanding the various rug styles can help you greatly when you have certain characteristics in mind for an addition to your home, so use this simple guide to the common rug styles you may come across.


Shag rugs are characterized by soft, high-pile surfaces that provide a comfortable underfoot feel. Coming in mostly neutral colors such as beige and gray, they pull back on the patterns to allow their fluffy textures to do all the talking. However, some do have lines and shapes created by the addition of a contrasting second color or by use of a much shorter pile in certain sections. In homes dominated by modest and smooth furnishings, flooring, walls, and fixtures, shag rugs supply some much-needed tactility without standing out like sore thumbs.


Traditional rugs have Persian and European roots. Differentiating them from other styles is easy because they have unique patterns comprised of complexly arranged flowers and vines, curved lines, and borders. The majority of traditional rugs also have symmetry along at least one axis, with a many-layered diamond- or oval-like pattern in the middle formed by the smaller details. Colors fall within a specific color palette that prominently includes burgundy, dark blue, black, and shades of beige or brown. Due to the artful intricacy in their design and the cultural associations they hold, traditional rugs are at home among other refined elements of décor.


Arguably the most common rug style, contemporary rugs have modern designs of geometric shapes or abstract patterns that don’t depict any recognizable object, plant, or animal. In terms of color, they encompass everything from bold, sharp hues to understated, calm tones, but they typically don’t use more than a few colors in conjunction. The relative simplicity that arises from their pattern and color tendencies gives them the ability to produce an informal or chic aura, depending on their surroundings. In short, they’re highly versatile.

Hopefully, with the information you’ve gleaned from this simple guide to common rug styles, you can find the kind of rug you want a bit more easily. Boutique Rugs is your one-stop shop for a wide array of area rugs online, including all the types described here.


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