What You Need to Know About Rug Pile

What You Need to Know About Rug Pile

When you want to find a new rug for your home, you usually pay attention to details such as its size, color, style, and texture. Texture is among the top features you look at because it can affect how the rug looks overall and how comfortable it is to the touch. What creates this feeling in the rug, though? You can often find the answer in the top layer pile yarns that are attached to the rug’s base. Let’s examine what you need to know about rug pile so that you can zero in on your next rug and select exactly what you envision.


You may find rug pile in two primary styles. The first of these is called loop pile. During the process of making the rug, the yarns are tufted through the base or woven back and forth to create loops on the top surface. This gives the rug a distinctive appearance when viewed up close, as you can see the small bumps formed from the tops of the tightly packed loops. Some loops are also arranged loosely for a more playful yet hardy vibe.

The second style—and the more prevalent one—is cut pile. It’s made by looping yarns through the rug’s base and then cutting off their tops so that the surface is completely even. The free ends of the cut piles also fill out the spaces in between the former loops, maximizing their luxurious softness.


Height is an additional component of what you need to know about rug pile. Pile height can be categorized as low pile, medium pile, high pile, and plush pile. Low pile includes anything under a quarter of an inch in length. Medium pile goes from a quarter to half an inch. High pile ranges from one-half to three-quarters of an inch. Finally, plush pile encompasses anything longer than three-quarters of an inch. The shorter the pile, the more firm the rug will feel, and vice versa. If a rug maker wants a neat, multifaceted design to show through, they tend to craft rugs with a lower pile. High-pile rugs place more emphasis on fluffiness.


Resilience may also influence your rug pile preference. What’s more important to have in your rug—durability or comfort? If you want more toughness, you may prefer loop piles because their untampered nature makes them more resistant to damage. Shorter piles are also more enduring since they don’t trap as much dirt and remain unchanged even after being stepped on frequently. Conversely, if you prioritize comfort, longer cut piles may be better for you. The fibers are less restricted, which means they can wear down and become matted more easily—however, as long as you take good care of the rug, it’ll be unmatched in coziness, and its soft texture will be tangible at a glance.

To find rugs to your liking, visit the Boutique Rugs website. We include videos and specify the type of pile for each of our rugs so that you have a clearer picture of it. Whether you’re after bohemian or country rugs, you’ll be able to locate the overall rug style you want.


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