Reasons You Need a Rug Pad Under an Area Rug

Reasons You Need a Rug Pad Under an Area Rug

The simplest course of action to take when you buy a new rug is to immediately lay it on the floor, but you may run into problems with this approach. A rug pad is designed to supplement the rug, getting rid of inconveniences and enhancing your experience with the rug. The rug itself takes care of developing a room’s visual appeal, but the rug pad improves your tactile interactions with it. Here we share a few reasons you need a rug pad under an area rug.

To Hold Your Rug in Place

In some situations, you might want to compromise on comfort for the sake of style, but decorating with rugs should not be one of those situations. If anything, a rug should make your home cozier by covering a hard floor with its softness. However, a rug that easily slips around can make you tread more cautiously than you should have to when you’re trying to relax. By putting a rug pad underneath your rug, you can completely conquer this concern, as it will grip the rug and floor to keep the rug from moving.

To Protect Your Flooring

A rug pad can also protect your flooring. The undersides of some rugs may be rough enough to scratch the floor when they rub against each other. You may also be concerned that some color from the rug might transfer onto your floor if the floor is light in color. The rug pad physically stands between the rug and floor, absorbing and stopping the abrasive shifts that frequent foot traffic can cause. It also catches any color transfer from the rug before it can reach the floor.

To Cushion and Quiet Your Steps

Its ability to cushion and quiet your steps is yet another reason you need a rug pad under an area rug. Some rugs are thinner, and you may prefer to have a gentler feeling underfoot than your rug alone provides. The rug pad adds extra cushion when you walk on your rug since it’s often made of rubber, felt, or a foam material. Moreover, it mutes your footsteps, which comes in handy if you live in an apartment where you’re worried about disturbing neighbors with sound.

Get a rug pad for your rug today if any of these points resonate with you. For rug pads and rugs in all styles and shapes—including area rug runners—visit the Boutique Rugs website.


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