Design Tips for Your Home’s Hallways

Of the many places in your home, the hallway may be among the most unnoticed when it comes to decorating. This might be because it doesn’t act as a room itself, but instead as a transitional space between our primary areas of occupancy. However, your hallways are just as visible as your living room, especially since a hallway the entryway to the rest of the home. Make a good impression on guests by following these design tips for your home’s hallways.

Hang Up Pictures and Art

One way to brighten up a plain hallway is to hang pictures and artwork on the walls. You can display photographs of your family or pieces you find intriguing to reflect more personality there. As people walk by, they can take them in naturally. Depending on the design principle you follow in the rest of your house, you can also change how you arrange your pictures. For a more minimal approach, you might neatly line up a few. If you prefer to communicate more energy, you can fill up most of the wall with them.

Utilize a Console Table

If your hallway is wide enough, a console table creates some more opportunity for creativity. Its narrow design won’t impede anyone from walking by, but its surface is perfect for some small decorations. Rather than just hang pictures, you can stand some in frames on the console table. You could place a mirror on the wall directly above the table to expand the narrow feeling of the hallway as well. Small sculptures and even lamps can also find a place on a console table. The latter can further illumine an otherwise dark space along with the ceiling lights.

Add a Rug

Laying out a rug can also enhance your hallway. More than simply softening the floor, a rug can act as an expressive composition that sets the tone for the rest of the space. Therefore, you should be intentional in the rug that you select. Find one with dimensions that match your hallway. Area rug runners are lengthened specifically for the purpose of being placed in a hallway, so search for this variety. As for the rug’s appearance, think about how you want your home to feel and what kind of hues you’ll integrate into your hallway design to choose the right pattern and color.