Signs You Need to Replace Your Area Rug

Signs You Need to Replace Your Area Rug

Because area rugs are generally exposed to lots of contact with people, pets, and sometimes food and drink, they’ll eventually deteriorate over time. Proper care will prolong their life significantly, but at some point, a rug may need to be retired. Here are the major signs you need to replace your area rug.


You can tackle stains as they appear on the rug, but as more staining substances get into its fibers with new accidents, there may come to a point when you cannot completely remove evidence of dirt or spills. If stain spots are prominent on the rug despite your best efforts to get rid of them, you may want to get a new rug.


The pile of many rugs makes them comfortable and soft, but it may also provide small spaces where mold, mildew, and allergens can get stuck and proliferate. Muggy air can further amplify this effect, as the small water droplets in the air creates the perfect environment for these unwanted organisms to grow. Though you may not necessarily see them, a good indicator that mold, mildew, or allergens have ruined your rug is smell. An odor that persists even after cleaning is a sign you should replace the rug.

Noticeable Wear

Some wear is normal and no cause for concern, but at a certain point, it’s better to get another rug rather than live with the shortcomings of the old one. Namely, if the top fibers and/or edges of the rug are unraveling or fraying, a new rug may be in order. Additionally, the presence of flat patches where the pile has completely worn off is another sign your current rug may be coming to the end of its life.

If you’ve noticed any of these signs in your rug and you want to find a replacement, look through our offerings here at Boutique Rugs. We have attractive area rugs under $100 in a range of styles, sizes, and materials to fit in nicely with your home.


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