Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Rugs

Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Rugs

As the weather grows warmer, you might want to take advantage of your outdoor space to entertain and relax. Wondering how to make your deck or patio as cozy as your indoor living areas? You've got plenty of options! Outdoor rugs are a key element in creating a welcoming atmosphere. They come in various styles, sizes, and materials, making it easy to find one that complements your decor. Plus, if you’re wondering, do outdoor rugs last? They are specifically crafted to withstand harsh conditions! This guide has all the insights you need about outdoor rugs to make your outdoor space comfortable and stylish.

Best Outdoor Rug Materials

Outdoor rugs need to be able to withstand the conditions outside. These rugs can be made from plant fibers such as jute and sisal or synthetics such as polyester, nylon, and polypropylene, among other weather-resistant materials.


Synthetic rugs like nylon, polyester, and polypropylene are ideal for outdoor use. Synthetic fiber grants a variety of agreeable tactile sensations that you might desire outdoors—from firmer to fluffier textures. Likewise, the range of colors they come in are limitless. Wondering, can outdoor rugs get wet or are outdoor rugs washable? Look no further - synthetic outdoor rugs are crafted to endure and repel water. They aren’t vulnerable to moisture or staining as well. Weather resistant outdoor rugs crafted from synthetic materials ensure longevity and durability. Often, cleaning them is a simple matter of hosing down both sides and then letting them dry.


Polypropylene is a type of plastic that is popular for outdoor rugs because it combines relative softness with high resilience. Polypropylene rugs are good for outdoor use as the material is waterproof and water-resistant.These waterproof outdoor rugs would be ideal for rain and high humidity. Also, mold and mildew do not grow on this fast drying outdoor rug material! They are often treated to resist fading from UV rays. On top of that, the plastic does not readily stain either! To clean a polypropylene outdoor rug, you can simply hose it off, making it perfect for the backyard. Just make sure that you don’t place the rug near a source of heat such as a fire pit or grill, as polypropylene is flammable.

Pros: Waterproof outdoor rugs, water-resistant, softness with high resistance, no mold or mildew, can resist fading, does not stain easily, great for rain and high-humidity areas

Cons: Not fire-resistant


Nylon is another synthetic plastic fiber that you might find in outdoor rugs. It is a tough material that won’t show signs of wear or matting in high-traffic areas. It's not as stain-resistant as other synthetic fibers, so you may want to scrub and spot clean it rather than spraying it with a hose. While nylon rugs can tolerate rough treatment, they are prone to overheating in direct sun exposure. Opt for a nylon outdoor rug in shaded areas like a patio with a roof or under a pergola.

Pros: For high-traffic areas, nylon is a better choice.

Cons: Costly, not as stain resistant, prone to overheating


The main benefit of polyester is that it defies fading compared to other synthetic materials. If you're wondering whether polyester rugs are good for outdoors, you can rest assured that a polyester rug will maintain its appearance. This material is also durable and resistant to most stains except oils. On the other hand, polyester outdoor rugs cannot handle as much abrasion.It will pill and become matted on high-traffic areas, especially with children and pets.

Pros: Resistant to fading, resistant to most stains, durable, will maintain its appearance longer

Cons: Not suitable for high-traffic areas with children and pets, may stain with oil keep in mind for eating areas

Plant Fibers

Outdoor rugs woven from plant fibers are fitting choices for outdoors, since they’re reflective of the natural environment that surrounds them. Their light brown coloration matches the greens and browns effortlessly! However, they have a weakness, they don’t do well when they get wet. You might want to place them only in a covered porch or patio area in order to protect them from the water and humidity. Sisal and jute outdoor rugs are good options if used in a covered area where they will get more protection as long as the weather is not excessively humid and damp. And if you’re wondering, can a cotton rug be used outdoors? The answer is yes! Cotton ensures a soft feel, with a variety of colors and patterns. However, it's crucial to keep it dry as moisture may lead to deterioration.


You might be asking yourself, what size outdoor rug do I need? Tailor it to your deck or patio dimensions and furniture layout. You should aim for at least two legs of each piece on the rug to create a cohesive look. A central table can be fully placed on the rug, and for dining tables, ensure that the rug accommodates chair legs when pulled out. For non-dining areas, it's okay if just the front legs of the chairs are on the rug. For outdoor deck rugs, leaving 12-24 inches of uncovered flooring around the rug enhances both walking space and style. Choose from various sizes, including 5x7 outdoor rugs and 9x12 outdoor rugs. For smaller areas, a 2x3 rug is ideal. Check out our collection, featuring 8x10 outdoor rugs, outdoor runners, and trendy round outdoor rugs.

Choosing the Outdoor Rug Style


You can transform your outdoor space with the eclectic charm of bohemian outdoor rugs. They exude a relaxed and playful aura, featuring simple designs with a touch of tradition. Another common choice is Southwestern outdoor rugs. These rugs are designed to bring warmth and character to your patio or deck. With their vibrant colors and patterns, they create a stylish ambiance that celebrates the spirit of the Southwest in every detail. We offer a variety of design styles for your outdoor space, including popular choices like animal print outdoor rugs, lively floral outdoor rugs, and on-trend Aztec outdoor rugs.


Enhance your patio furniture with rugs by choosing the right color! Two of the most popular color choices when it comes to outdoors are black & white and blue. Well, you can never go wrong with black and white outdoor rugs. Combining these two colors for an outdoor patio rug is simply chic and can beautifully complement your outdoor furniture. For a refreshing touch, consider bright blue outdoor rugs that will add a pop of color to your outdoor space. Upgrade your patio or deck with these stylish choices.


You can enhance your outdoor ambiance with the trendsetting appeal of striped outdoor rugs and geometric outdoor rugs. Striped rugs offer a spectrum of colors on a single rug, providing a stylish solution to complement various elements in your outdoor space's aesthetic. Meanwhile, geometric rugs transform your outdoor area with chic patterns, adding a touch of modern sophistication. Durable and stylish, both seamlessly bring both form and function to your outdoor decor.

Benefits of Outdoor Rugs

Explore the benefits of outdoor area rugs! They not only protect your floors but also hide imperfections and add a stylish touch to your outdoor space. Dive into the following insights to unlock the potential of these versatile rugs.

1. Protects the Floor

If you have flooring outside your home that you want to keep in good condition over a long period of time, an area rug can help protect it. By acting as a layer of shielding over your wood deck or concrete floor, it can prevent scrapes and stains from ever occurring. If your rug starts to look dirty, just use the right cleaning agents to spot-treat the stained areas, and the rug will be as good as new.

2. Covers Damage

A rug can provide protection for a new, pristine outdoor floor, but it can also cover up existing damage in a more worn-down one. Do you have cracks or chips that ruin the look of the area? An outdoor rug will cover up the imperfections you haven't had time to fix or find too costly to mend.

3. Decorates the Outdoor Space

You can enhance your outdoor space effortlessly with outdoor rugs. Personalize your patio by selecting playful rug patterns and colors that resonate with your style. Just like decorating your home interior, coordinate the rug with outdoor furniture for a cozy living room vibe. Select a durable rug that will remain attractive; choose thinner alternatives over soft, high-pile rugs to steer clear of water absorption and dirt retention.

Outdoor Rug Care

Even though outdoor rugs require less maintenance than indoor rugs, they still need some attention. To ensure your outdoor rug stays in top condition, follow these key pointers on how to keep outdoor rugs clean and in top condition.

Rug Pads

Did you know that outdoor rugs can benefit from rug pads? Outdoor rug pads help prolong their lifespan by acting as a barrier between the rug and flooring. The pad protects both the rug and flooring by allowing air to circulate; this minimizes the moisture that can accumulate. Rug pads are functional, and they can add quite a bit of cushion under your feet. We also offer outdoor rug grippers that will hold the rugs in place.


Vacuuming is another way to give your outdoor rug some care. Regularly vacuuming your rug will help remove dirt and debris that footsteps could grind into your rug fibers. Even shaking and sweeping it can help to remove any loose dirt and lengthen its lifespan.


Even though your rug lives outside, it’s best to clean up spills when they happen. Allowing them to sit too long can lead to permanent stains. Luckily, many outdoor rugs are easily washable—rinse them off with a hose and you’re all set.

Winter Storage

Despite the durability of outdoor rugs, a common question is can you leave outdoor rugs outside during winter? When winter returns with below-freezing temperatures, it’s best to roll up your rug and store it safely inside until springtime.

Outdoor Rugs for Inside

Common questions often arise regarding outdoor rugs: Can I use an outdoor rug inside? Yes, outdoor rugs' durability and low maintenance care will be helpful. Can I use an outdoor rug outside? No, their materials won't be able to handle the outdoor elements. If you’re curious about what happens when you put an indoor rug outside, be aware it may deteriorate due to factors like moisture, water, humidity, or the heavy use in high-traffic spots.

The key difference between outdoor and indoor rugs lie in outdoor rugs' enhanced durability, weather-proof materials, water resistance, and low-maintenance features. When comparing outdoor rugs vs indoor rugs, using an outdoor rug in high-traffic areas, like an entryway or playroom, can be a great solution for keeping those rooms cleaner. If you’re a pet owner, outdoor rugs can be an excellent choice for cleaning up wet or muddy paw prints. Outdoor rugs also work very well in basements and other mildew-prone areas; they’re highly resistant to moisture and can combat mildew better than some indoor rugs.

Bottom Line of Outdoor Rugs

Adding an outdoor rug to your outside space is a lovely way to make your deck, balcony, patio, or porch feel homier. You get a cozy surface for bare feet and some color to your décor. Also, you won't have to worry about it getting ruined because it's designed to handle outdoor conditions!
And that's why at Boutique Rugs, we have a collection of beautiful outdoor rugs in various designs, shapes, sizes, and design styles. We also offer an extensive collection of recycled outdoor rugs aligned with sustainable living.


Everything You Need To Know About Outdoor Rugs


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