Finding the Perfect Size Area Carpet Runner for Your Space

Finding the Perfect Size Area Carpet Runner for Your Space

Area carpet runners are practical options for adding personality and comfort to spaces that any homeowner would otherwise forget. They eliminate echoes and add traction while increasing your home’s coziness and aesthetics.

Rug runners can make areas like hallways and entryways feel furnished by adding color and patterns to them. But determining the correct runner size for a room can be challenging.

How do you know which size works in a kitchen or bedroom? Finding the perfect size area carpet runner for your space involves a few guidelines for choosing the correct width and length. Check out how to select sizes for area carpet runners and add some pop to your house!


When you’re trying to find the correct runner width for your space, there are a few general rules. These guidelines prevent the area from looking cramped or imbalanced. Ideally, most designers recommend leaving six inches between the runner and the wall. If your runner bumps up against walls, the space will look crowded.

Conversely, if the runner is more than six inches away from the walls, it could look like it’s floating off into outer space. But in narrow areas like hallways, it might not be possible to have that six-inch border on either side. Even though it might be difficult, do your best to center the rug with some space between the carpet and wall.


There is more flexibility when determining the appropriate length of area carpet runners. Generally, you’ll want the runner to be as long as possible, but there should be at least six inches from the rug’s ends and the wall as well. If you have a tiny space, accent rugs can be an excellent substitute for runners.


Finding the perfect size area carpet runner for your space might not be your only consideration; the material is also vital for runner rugs. Runners usually live in high-traffic areas, so we recommend that you choose a rug made from durable materials or select washable rugs for easier cleanup.

Are you looking for handmade rugs? Sisal, jute, and wool are sturdy natural fibers that can withstand lots of foot traffic. For a more inexpensive option for area carpet runners, you can go for nylon, which is also a durable choice. The home decorators at Boutique Rugs have an array of area rugs for any room in your home to match with your décor pieces like bedding comforters. We can help you find the perfect outdoor rug, accent rug, or hallway runner for living rooms or other spaces. We also offer free shipping.


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