Update Any Space With These Simple Tips & Area Rugs Under $100

Update Any Space With These Simple Tips & Area Rugs Under $100

Modernizing your home doesn’t have to require an expensive and time-consuming renovation. Instead, a few easy updates can change the entire vibe of your home.

You can update any space with these simple tips and area rugs under $100. After all, a small budget can still make a big impact!

Light Switch Plates

You might have light switch plates that look dated: they are often an almond color or cracked and stained from years of wear and tear. Switching out the plates can make a subtle but significant difference throughout your home. You can also replace the switches themselves with dimmers or opt for a wider touch version instead of the narrow toggle type that flicks up and down.

When you’re changing out light switch plates, you can also switch your outlet covers if you’re feeling ambitious.

Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can also make a house feel outdated. Consider swapping out dusty dome fixtures, ceiling fans, and ornate crystal chandeliers with lighting that is more minimal and geometric.

Paint Paneling

Nothing dates a home more than wood paneling, but a paint job can turn wood paneling and trim into a modern look. Of course, a neutral white will give your home a contemporary feel, but you can always experiment with different colors, too.

With neutral white walls, you can experiment with vibrant, affordable rugs to make the space pop.

Refresh a Fireplace

With the right supplies, you can turn an outdated brick fireplace into the modern focal point of your living room! Update the brick with white paint and stain the mantel with a dark color for a compelling contrast. Also, if your fireplace is a smooth texture, you can use peel and stick tiles to reface it.

You can easily make your fireplace the focal point of the room. Find area rugs under $100, like a shag rug, to give your home a nostalgic vibe. Don’t hesitate to search for discount rugs online!


Sometimes all you need is a few new pieces like area rugs to make a space like a living room feel more modern:

  • Accent wall: Include an accent wall with geometric patterns to add an updated vibe.
  • Artwork: Replace outdated artwork with something new.
  • Rug: Roll out a new rug to bring a fresh vibe to your home.

You can update any space with these simple tips and area rugs under $100 to take your home into this decade! Are you looking for affordable rugs? Boutique Rugs can help you find area rugs under $100 to fit your budget for your next interior design project! Also, check out our outdoor rugs to make your deck cozier!


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