Your Guide To Creating a Nautical Bedroom

Your Guide To Creating a Nautical Bedroom

Sometimes the décor in bedrooms is boring and basic. If you want to turn your bedroom into an oasis, consider a nautical theme. Nautical has everything to do with the sea, so it’s perfect for anyone that wants a soothing and airy feel. Here’s your guide to creating a nautical bedroom.

Utilize Blue Bedding

This wouldn’t be a guide to creating a nautical bedroom without a mention of blue. If you want to convey a nautical theme, you need blue in the bedroom. Bedding is a great opportunity to incorporate color into your interior design. For example, you can decorate with a navy-blue duvet or pillowcases. If you want something a little more exciting, consider bedding with navy stripes. If you decide to stick with blue and white bedding, feel free to mix patterns and textures.

Bring the Outdoors Inside

Since you’re trying to convey a nautical theme, consider incorporating elements of the outdoors. For example, open the blinds and use light-colored curtains to let the sunlight pour in. You’d be surprised how much natural light can brighten up the room. You could also decorate with natural elements like driftwood or other materials found seaside. To bring the outdoors in, you should also consider incorporating some greenery—consider getting a house plant to add some natural elements to the space.

Incorporate Texture

To ensure that the room isn’t flat or boring, make sure to incorporate texture. One way to do this is by decorating with wood. When choosing the finish of the wood, go with light or white-washed wood color. You could also decorate with textured blankets or pillows. A rug is another opportunity to incorporate texture—layering rugs is a great way to add texture to a room. Along with adding texture, a rug can make a bedroom feel cozy.

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