How To Choose a Home Decor Style

How To Choose a Home Decor Style

Indecision about how to decorate your home is a problem most homeowners face. With so many decorating styles available, the sheer number of choices you have to make can be paralyzing. And why wouldn’t it be? It’s your home; you’ll be spending a lot of time living inside that design. The easiest way to finding a decor style that you’ll love is to explore other aspects of your life that you love! Learn how to choose a home decor style with these suggestions.

Favorite Vacation

Where you love to vacation can be great inspiration for home designs. If you love tropical spots, you’ll love bold colors and floral patterns. Trendy area rugs in either bohemian or contemporary styles would be a great fit. Maybe you love relaxing in Cape Cod two weeks out of the year? Consider decorating your home with the muted tones in a traditional style.

Go for a Walk

Take a walk around your neighborhood and note what architecture styles catch your eye. For those who gravitate toward a Tudor-style home, a Moroccan design or something more vintage is an excellent choice. Visit other neighborhoods in your town as well. Noticing how people design their porches as you explore communities will also help you narrow in on an ideal decor style.


One of the essential tips for choosing a home decor style is to think about your lifestyle. Are you a homebody, or do you love to host dinner parties? For homeowners who love entertaining, you might want to focus on your dining area or outdoor spaces. Do you have children and pets? You might need to employ more practicality in your design choices than a young couple might. Remember to design your home in a way that incorporates comfort and style!

Shop Flea Markets and Consignment Stores

Once you’ve narrowed your interior design interests, browse flea markets and consignment stores. They’ll have a broader range of styles and pieces you can’t find in department stores or online. Listen to what speaks to you and consider what fits your budget and what you might be able to repurpose with some DIY improvements.

Mood Board

After all your research and soul-searching, create a mood board to help you pinpoint which decor style your heart is leading you to. Comb through design magazines, and cut out whatever sparks your interest. Incorporate samples of paint, textures, and fabrics into a mood board if you want to be really detailed.

Dive into these steps, and you’ll develop a design style that you’ll genuinely love. Reach out to us at Boutique Rugs with any interior design questions you might have. We’re here to help!

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