Rules for Decorating with an Outdoor Area Rug

The outdoor areas of your home probably come secondary to the indoor rooms, since you don’t spend as much time where the temperatures may be uncomfortable or precipitation may be falling. For those beautiful days when you do want to lounge or entertain guests in the yard, it’s smart to think ahead and adorn your patio or deck so that it looks just as lovely as your living and dining rooms. An important piece that will help you bring personality to your outside space is an area rug. Follow these rules for decorating with an outdoor area rug as you ponder what style to select and how to place it.

Pay Attention to Its Materials

Your outdoor area rug should be equipped to handle direct contact with water and sunlight. Hardier synthetic materials are the name of the game here, since they won’t be susceptible to mildew or mold growth. They also resist stains and won’t fade while sitting out in the sun. The most common one material you’ll find in outdoor rugs is polypropylene, which is a plastic that can be shaped into fibers that are then woven together. Your outdoor rug won’t measure up to the fluffiness or velvety feel of your indoor rugs, but it will still supply a point of textured contrast against the smoother backdrop of the wood, concrete, or stone on which it rests.

Get an Appropriate Size

Proportions are critical outside, just as they are anywhere else within your home. You should seek a rug that’s an appropriate size for your patio furniture set. For the most part, each furniture piece should have at least two legs resting on top of the rug. This creates a sense of togetherness between the rug and furniture. It’s also okay to place certain pieces fully on the rug, such as a central table. If you have an outdoor dining table, the rug should be big enough that all the chairs’ legs can remain within it even when they’re pulled out.

Consider Your Outdoor Furniture Style

A final rule for decorating with an outdoor rug is to be mindful of the furniture style you have on your deck or patio. Consider your furniture’s color and shape, and play off of those features in the rug’s design. To illustrate, imagine that your tables and chairs are a cool charcoal gray. You could get a rug that possesses a grayscale palette with the same shade of gray existing around its borders. When part of the rug has something in common with the furniture, the entire arrangement will emanate a tasteful impression. Alternatively, you could use the rug to vivify your more neutral, plainer furniture by finding one with a collection of brighter hues or lively patterns on its surface. Just keep an overall theme or color scheme in mind so that the outdoor space appears unified despite differences between individual components.

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