Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home’s Patio

Simple Ways to Decorate Your Home’s Patio

The patio, with its outdoor location, is usually kept rather austere because it may seem unsuitable to decorate it as much as you would an indoor room. However, you shouldn’t let this stop you from making your terrace more attractive. With the right attention, it can become as comfortable to lounge in and as visually appealing as your living room. There are many simple ways to decorate your home’s patio that will elevate it from a forgotten part of the backyard to a livable space that you, your family, and guests can enjoy on a warm day. The pointers we’ve gathered will give you ideas on how to go about decorating it appropriately for better form and function.

Bring Indoor Items Outside

The patio may sometimes be exposed to the elements, but this need not mean that you limit it to hard stone, plastics, and wood. Though these materials do make for nice foundations to build upon in regard to decorating, they can also make an area somewhat rough, especially when compared to the cushy fabrics and textures that you may have inside your house. Don’t be afraid to similarly cozy up the patio by bringing out furniture and other items more commonly associated with the indoors. Any chair, table, or sofa that you would normally place inside can be arranged on the patio in order to soften up the look and increase your guests’ comfort. Throw pillows and blankets also contribute to a plush look and feel and can be brought back inside if the weather turns sour.

If you’re still nervous about putting furniture outside, you could use older pieces that you won’t feel the need to treat so delicately. Any furnishings that you were going to replace or get rid of may make good candidates for the patio. You may also find a vintage gem at a local flea market that you can breathe new life into with a fresh coat of paint.

Beautify With Lighting

During the day, a terrace benefits best from natural lighting from the sun. As dusk arrives followed closely by night, however, using lighting is essential. In addition to keeping you from sitting in the dark on an otherwise pleasant evening, tastefully chosen lights can enhance the appearance of the space. If you have a veranda that includes a ceiling or cross-bars, you can install any type of lighting that best fits the design atmosphere. Since it is still outdoors, you might want to go for an airy ambiance, for instance. A pendant light enclosed in woven rattan or seagrass will illuminate the patio at night while also acting as a pretty decoration during the day.

If your patio does not possess a ceiling, you still have options for lighting. You may install lights on the outside wall of the home adjacent to the area, and/or set out standing lamps near seating. These forms of lighting should be to hold up to weather and outside wear without sacrificing style. String lights are popular for patios as well because of how they can adapt to a variety of dimensions and because of their festive atmosphere. String lights instantly warm an outdoor space.

Give the Option of Enclosure

The inherent openness of a patio is part of what sets it apart from any other area of the home. Nevertheless, there may be moments when you want a greater sense of enclosure for privacy or because you want some shade from the sun. Even without walls, you can generate partitioning through the use of curtains or stand-up room-dividing shutters. Both of these options can be found in different colors and styles to fit with the rest of your decorations. They can also be rearranged according to your whims.

As with lighting, your choice between the two will largely be influenced by the presence or absence of a ceiling and framework around your patio. Overhangs and pergolas that stand separate from the main house are perfect for putting breezy curtains on, while shutters will better suit a fully open patio. With either of these in place, your patio will become more relaxing since you can shut out distractions, prying eyes, and searing rays at your leisure while still having full access to fresh air.

Adorn the Surroundings With Plants

Take advantage of the outdoor setting by being generous with utilizing plant life in your adornments. Because of the abundance of sunlight and air, the patio is a perfect spot for plants to thrive. Meanwhile, your patio will be energized and enhanced by their presence. Since you most likely already have grass, shrubs, and perhaps a tree or two in the yard, try to introduce diversity in the form of potted plants and vertical gardens. Group together pots with unifying design themes in different sizes and put different species of plants inside them for a pleasing potpourri of shape, color, and texture. Set the pots in corners that are lacking in detail to even out your overall arrangements of furniture. Smaller plants can embellish tabletops as well.

As for the vertical gardens, you can put up shelves, hang pots from overhead frames, or stick pots on a wall. Any of these methods will usher in interest to previously barren, higher places in the patio that normally might not receive much attention. The double advantage of vertical gardens is that they can give you some privacy as well if the structure that holds them is separate from the house.

Ground the Decorations With a Rug

With the higher parts of the patio covered, you can ground all your decorations with a rug. Just as a rug anchors furniture in a living room, it can unite all the individual pieces you put in the patio. Choose a color palette and pattern that you want to play a central role in your arrangements before you start decorating, or consider the pieces you already want there and what kind of rug will best match these. If most of your furniture and decorations are neutral, a rug in bright jewel tones will make a bold statement. If you have an abundance of color in your decor, you might want to go with a neutral rug in a subdued pattern, or you might want to contrast colorful surroundings with a rug that features small pops of color. It may be helpful to look to any flowers you’re planning on putting on your patio and match their hues to those on a rug, as bright petals naturally create contrast.

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