Tips for Choosing Your Area Rug’s Color

Tips for Choosing Your Area Rug’s Color

Color is one of the main aspects of a rug that you notice when you look at it. This gives choosing the right hue of the utmost importance in your process of finding one. Here are tips for choosing your area rug’s color.

Look at the Surroundings

Before doing anything else, you should look at what furniture you already have in the room, as well as the colors of the floor and walls. Based on this, you can narrow down the possibilities for the rugs that you consider buying. To illustrate, if your sofa is brown, find a rug that includes some brown in its palette. Don’t try and match everything up exactly, as this will make for a boring, shapeless room. Rather, think holistically and stay within a range of colors that coexist harmoniously.

Choose What to Emphasize

Next, decide on what part of the space you want to emphasize. Do you want your rug to stand out, or some other furnishing? If you would like your rug to be the centerpiece of your arrangement, choose one that has vibrant hues. You don’t have to clash it against the rest of the room to achieve this. Just play around with the saturation or only use a specific color in the rug and nowhere else in the room. A design that consists of multiple colors can also appear more enthralling with its eye-catching intricacies. You may prefer your rug to act as more of an accompaniment though, in which case you should select colors that meld with the background. Maybe choose a slightly darker shade of solid grey for a room that is achromatic, for instance.

Think About Effect

Color can have various effects on the room in of themselves as well. While the same color may not produce the same results in every context, it can help to understand them. One of the main ideas that you could consider when selecting rug color is how it will affect the perception of size. Darker colors often make a space seem cozier, while lighter colors can make it feel bigger than it really is. In terms of mood, bright colors can inject some energy into the room, while muted tones can calm down its atmosphere.

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