Tips for Decorating a Moody Living Room

Decorating your home can be complicated. So many on-trend aesthetics are always circling around, but they seem to disappear right when your home finally starts to reflect them. The best way to decorate your home without worry about it going out of style a month later is to find the décor style that speaks to you. One great style to look into if you love contrast, clean (but not minimalist) vibes, and dark color schemes is the moody aesthetic. Check out some tips for decorating a moody living room.

Paint Your Walls

There’s no need to keep the color on the walls the same for every single wall in your living room. Try switching it up with an accent wall to create more depth. Depth is a cornerstone of a moody home. Pick out a light, neutral color for most of your walls, and paint an accent wall a shade of a darker color. Here are some color ideas for your accent wall:

  • Black
  • Deep forest green
  • Dark gray
  • Dark rust
  • Deep violet

There are many other colors to choose from. A dark shade of any color you love is perfect for this step.

Get Some Accent Features

Once you’ve darkened up a wall or two in your living room, add to the contrast with some lighter or darker accents. One of the best accent pieces to invest in for the moody aesthetic is an area rug. If you have lighter-colored furniture, consider searching for dark-colored area rugs online. Boutique Rugs has tons of options listed under “black and grays.”

If you have darker-colored furniture, investing in a lighter-colored area rug is the best choice. Moody homes are all about contrast. We have a few great choices in our “whites” section.

Rethink Your Metal Accents

Most homes have either a gold or a brushed nickel metal accent color. This is usually the color of the metals in everything in the home, from the lighting fixtures to the cabinet pulls and faucets. Consider replacing these with a bronze or brass finish. This gives you yet another color to draw from in your contrasting living room. These accents are easy to replace yourself, or you can simply find a metal-finish spray paint and DIY the update.

There are many other tips for decorating a moody living room. Check out our selection of quality rugs to get started.