Tips for Designing an Outdoor Oasis This Summer

Tips for Designing an Outdoor Oasis This Summer

Summer is here, and it’s time to start spending time relaxing outside! But your outdoor space might need a little bit of sprucing up to make it enjoyable. How can you add some elements to make the most of your next party? Check out these tips for designing an outdoor oasis this summer.


To make your backyard genuinely relaxing, try to make it more secluded. For example, install high fences or plant hedges so that you feel some separation from your neighbors. If you have a deck, you can add tall potted plants, a trellis, or even curtains to make your space more private.

Build a Deck

If your outdoor space is lacking a deck, build one! Whether you choose to undertake the project yourself or hire a professional, a deck will become the focal point for your summer get-togethers. Adding a deck will also increase your property’s resale value.


Lighting can help set a mood for whatever you’re celebrating. There are tons of great lighting options: string lights along a fence, candles and lanterns on tabletops, and solar-powered lighting along walkways. Up-lighting under trees can also add a dramatic flair.


Make your outdoor space as comfortable as you would make your living room. With the right furniture, rugs, and accessories like plants, you can turn any outdoor space into another living room during the warmer months. To extend your living space, add elements like:

  • A dining set—Include a dining set to enjoy dinners from the grill. Use a bistro table for smaller spaces.
  • Lounge furniture—Be sure to include more than the dining table and chairs. If you have space, opt for lounge furniture or even a hammock; even small spaces can accommodate comfortable seating with large pillows.
  • Rugs—Adding a rug to a deck can instantly make the space feel cozy. Be sure to choose an outdoor rug that can withstand the elements. You can find quality outdoor rugs in different styles, such as farmhouse or boho.

Looking for more tips for designing an outdoor oasis this summer? Boutique Rugs can help you find the right outdoor rug for your deck or patio!

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