12 Ways To Cozy Up Outdoor Spaces

12 Ways To Cozy Up Outdoor Spaces

When the weather turns nice, you have an opportunity to increase the square footage of your home. A comfy deck or patio can transform summer evenings and allow you and your family to spend more time outside.

It might be time to refresh your deck or add some new design elements entirely. You can make your outdoor space as comfortable as possible with a few simple solutions. Turn your dull deck into an outdoor retreat by adding textiles, comfortable furniture, or even a fire pit. You can transform even the smallest space into a relaxing place to put up your feet or entertain friends and family members.

Here are some ways to cozy up outdoor spaces to make the most of your time on your deck or patio.

Hang Curtains

Curtains can change any outdoor space. They create seclusion, and they’re an easy way to add design elements to your patio. Sheer curtains will make your space feel more romantic and open, while opaque curtains will add total privacy. They can also be excellent options for renters seeking more solitude in a congested area.

Incorporate Color

Don’t be afraid of adding pops of color, too! You can easily liven up summer parties with colorful textiles. For a subtler touch, choose a mainly neutral color scheme with splashes of color incorporated throughout with the help of accessories such as pillows, blankets, and candles. Blues and greens will complement nature, and warmer colors will add energy.

Add Dramatic Lighting

Adding lighting to your outdoor space will keep you outside longer. It will also make the area seem larger by pulling the eye upward. You can find inexpensive strings of outdoor lights, or decorative lanterns can also upgrade the ambience.

Include Opportunities for Lounging

One of the most effective ways to cozy up outdoor spaces is adding the ability to lounge. Hammocks and lounge chairs will allow you to stretch out and relax after work and on the weekends.

Add a Bar Cart

A bar cart can revamp your patio and make get-togethers easier. It doesn’t have to be extravagant. A simple cart with the essentials, including snacks, can make your time outside more pleasant. Find a cart with wheels that you can move outside and inside as the weather shifts. A bar cart will allow you to spend more time enjoying your space and less time running back inside to refill drinks.

Get Multifunctional Furniture

Maximize your space with multifunctional furniture. If you have a small patio or deck, space is a precious commodity. Adaptable furniture can transform your deck from frustrating to enjoyable. Find tables and seating such as poufs that double as storage.

Buy Plants

Create a true oasis with potted plants on your deck. Plants add many benefits to your patio: privacy, shade, and even more design opportunities. Pots and planters provide patterns and pops of color to accessorize.

Go Vertical

When you draw the eye up, you create more depth and a more welcoming environment. Trellises allow flowers and plant life to grow all around you while providing shade and privacy. Water features or design walls will make your patio feel luxurious, especially if you want to make a small space feel bigger.

Include a Dining Space

A dining nook on your deck allows you to start your day off right. Bistro tables can easily fit on a deck or patio. You can also find folding tables and chairs that allow you to tuck the furniture away to save space.

Invest in a Fire Pit

A fire pit will allow you to enjoy your outdoor space even during the chilly months. Fire pits are available in various styles and prices, including tabletop designs for smaller patios and decks. Big or small, a fire pit will ensure a relaxing time outside as the summer months turn crisp.

Add Sound System

Music sets the tone, whether you’re relaxing or entertaining. A sound system can be extravagant or simple. Wire your deck for sound or use a portable speaker; you’ll drown out distractions for a more enjoyable time.

Use Outdoor Rugs

Laying an outdoor rug outside will add coziness as well as tie all your design pieces together. Selecting the right outdoor rug can define the design of your outdoor space. The key is to find the style and material that works for you. Some outdoor rug styles include:

  • Country and floral
  • Bohemian
  • Geometric
  • Southwestern
  • Traditional
  • Shag
  • Coastal

Be sure to measure the space to find the appropriately sized rug. You don’t have to spend a lot, either: you can easily find area rugs for under $100.

Outdoor Rug Care

Even though they’re created to withstand rain and harsh sunlight, outdoor rugs will still age. But you can take some steps to maintain your rug in order to enjoy it longer. Choosing the right location plays a big part. If the rug receives direct sunlight, its colors will fade faster. If the rug is on a patio collecting moisture from rain and even dew, it will wear out sooner. Here are some ways to maintain your rug:


Due to their resilience, outdoor rugs aren’t as supple as indoor rugs. The material of the rug determines how rough or soft the fibers are as well as how durable it is. Your rug will last longer in an area that sees less foot traffic and under some type of shelter that will keep it dry. If exposure to the elements is unavoidable, a more durable fiber such as sisal can withstand weather and foot traffic better than other synthetic materials. Fibers such as polypropylene are plusher than sisal, but they aren't as durable, making them better choices for lesser-traveled areas.

Waterproof Padding

A protective barrier between moisture and your outdoor rug keeps the rug secure and prevents skidding. You can choose between a felt pad, a waffle pad, or a carpet-to-hard-floor pad. Of these three, the carpet-to-hard-floor pad is the most effective at preventing skidding.


Even though your rug is built for the outdoors, this doesn’t mean it’s impervious to stains. Spot-treat any stains, and be sure to blot, not scrub. Brush or vacuum regularly to prevent dirt and debris from being ground into the fibers. And for a deep clean, you can also hose off your outdoor rug to remove larger problem areas.

An outdoor rug can transform your deck or patio from functional to extraordinary. To learn more about how outdoor and indoor area rugs can enhance your home, check out our blogs at Boutique Rugs.

12 Ways To Cozy Up Outdoor Spaces


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