Ways To Express Your Style in Your Home Décor

Decorating a home can feel overwhelming. There are so many decorating styles online; deciding on one can be difficult. The truth is, you don’t need to choose a decorating style. Rather, think about what makes you happy or what reflects you as an individual. We put together a guide with ways to express your style in your home décor, so keep reading if you need some inspiration.

Use Your Passions As Inspiration

When you decorate your home, consider your passions. One of the best ways to express your style in your home décor is by using your passions as inspiration. Take a moment to think about what you love to do. If you love to read, you could decorate shelves and tables with books. If you’re someone that plays music, you could display instruments. Instruments are incredibly beautiful, so they’d make for great décor. If you enjoy listening to music, consider hanging records or setlists on the walls.

Reference Your Travels

Another tip for expressing your style in your home décor is to reference your travels. Where is your favorite place to travel? Which destination had the most appealing décor? Think about these questions when decorating your home. This might inspire you to do something different, and it can also make the space feel entirely new. Let’s say you went on a trip to Paris. You could use Persian décor as inspiration for decorating your home.

Look In Your Closet

If you’re are unsure how to choose home décor, look in your closet. For example, if most of your clothing is neutral colored, choose a neutral color pallet for decorating. The clothes you wear are likely a representation of the things you like and the things that make you comfortable. You might not want to buy a red couch if you don’t own any red clothes. Think about what color or prints you wear often; this could help you choose furniture, décor, and even wall color. Someone that wears blue often might consider a blue accent wall or a blue couch, while someone who loves printed clothes might decorate with printed wallpaper or a printed rug.

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