Ways to Incorporate Rugs in Your Home

Rugs are versatile pieces that can enhance a room’s comfort and style. More than just practical floor covers, rugs are works of art through which you can express your personality. Here are a few ways to incorporate rugs in your home.

Living Room Floor

This is probably the most clear-cut use for a rug, and for good reason. The living room is often the largest central space in a home, so it has plenty of room for a rug and can benefit from its visual interest. A general rule to follow with living room rugs is to get sizes that take up a large area. That way, they don’t appear disproportionate compared to the furniture.

You can choose to have the rug completely encompass furniture pieces or just have parts of the furniture overlap with it. For example, you might have a rug centered around a coffee table with the fronts of the sofa and chairs resting on the rug.

Kitchen and Dining Room Floor

The presence of food might deter you from considering these viable places for rugs, but the kitchen and dining room can really benefit from them. Kitchens often look cold due to the boxy appliances and hard countertops. Placing a rug down can help to soften the space and include some color amidst the greys, whites, blacks, and browns that dominate.

Similarly, the dining room can be made more inviting with a rug placed under the dining table. This focuses attention on the table and gives you the opportunity to complement it with a cohesive rug pattern. Since the chairs around the table will be moved when people sit down, you should use a flat rug that won’t make the chair legs unstable. A flat rug is also easier to clean than a high-pile one.

Interior Walls

You may be surprised to know that rugs can fill the same role as paintings if you hang them on your home’s walls. With a smaller sized rug, it’s simple to implement them in this way, and you can fill in some empty space in the higher reaches of a room.

Without people constantly walking on it, a wall rug can also maintain a spotless condition for a long time. While you may be hesitant to get a rug made of delicate natural fibers for your floor, you have much more freedom if it’s placed on the wall. Choose a pattern and color that will work well with the rest of the room, and you’ll have an appealing piece that enhances your décor.

Now that you have some ideas, you’re ready to search for rugs. But finding the right one can become a chore as you blindly sift through all the options available out there. If you’re on the hunt for trendy area rugsand want to be assured of their craftsmanship, Boutique Rugs is just the place to go.