A Guide To Proper Rug Placement

Like with all aspects of design, the smallest detail can make or break a space. The placement of your area rug can affect the overall design and perception of space. Your rug isn’t an afterthought plopped onto the floor; it can be the anchor of your design. The style of an area rug is as important to the décor of your home as your sofa or dining room table. After investing time and research into finding the perfect rug, this is the final stretch. Make your interior design pop with this guide to proper rug placement!

Measure Your Space

If you’re still in the rug-buying phase, measure the space to decide on the size of the rug you'd like. Then, look around the room. Surveying the room is especially important for a living room; your furniture plays a big part in deciding rug placement.

Rectangular Versus Round

A rectangle rug is going to add a more traditional and structural feel than a round rug. Round rugs add softness to space and can be more forgiving with difficult proportions.

Living and Family Rooms

One of the most important rooms to consider in this guide to proper rug placement is the living room. Here are a few rules of thumbs for arranging an area rug in your main living space:

  • Two Sofas. If your living area has two sofas, place the rug equal distance from each couch. If this isn't possible, the piece might be too small for the room.
  • Small Spaces. For small spaces, leave an open space of flooring in between the rug and sofa. This allusion will make the room appear lighter and spacious.
  • Modular Sofa. If you have a modular couch, finding the correct rug placement can be a bit tricky. Be sure to measure to find a large rug that can fit the entire couch.
  • Open-Plan Area. A rug can be a valuable tool in open plan designs by zoning an area. If you’re zoning a living room, be sure the room is big enough to fit all of the furniture on top of it.


Make your bedroom feel more spacious with a rug large enough to frame the bed and bedside tables. Can’t find a rug to fit your California king and nightstands? Area rug runners on either side of the bed are a suitable substitute.

Using your new area rug to tie your space together takes planning and careful arrangement. Need a little more insight? Contact us at Boutique Rugs about area rug placement or any interior design questions!