How To Use an Area Rug To Make Your Room Appear Larger

How To Use an Area Rug To Make Your Room Appear Larger

We all typically have at least one room in our homes that we wish was bigger. Unless you’re willing to renovate, the only solution is to make your house feel bigger. Thankfully, there are interior design hacks that can trick your eye into believing a room is bigger, such as an area rug.

Learn how to use an area rug to make your room appear larger.


The size of your area rug can significantly affect how big or small a room looks. Choosing an area rug that is too small will make a room seem fragmented, upsetting the flow or harmony of the design.

Larger area rugs will make your home look more prominent and should always be within 12 inches of the walls. Also, a properly sized area rug should be able to fit all the furniture. If that’s not possible, the front legs of the larger pieces need to sit on the rug.


Light-colored rugs will help your room look bigger. Light colors reflect light, giving the appearance that a room is more prominent. Avoid dark colors, as they will make your home appear smaller.

Furthermore, be sure to choose rugs that are in a soft tone. For example, country rugs  offer neutral color palettes that go well in Farmhouse and Traditional design décors.


Patterns will also affect the perceived size of a room. Usually, larger spaces can adequately handle larger designs, but this rule doesn’t apply to rooms overflowing with furniture. Large patterns do well in small rooms with minimum furniture, adding weight to the interior design.

For smaller rooms, always err on the side of caution and choose rugs with more subtle patterns.

Knowing how to use an area rug to make your room appear larger is essential in making your home feel more luxurious and airy! Contact us at Boutique Rugs with any interior design questions.


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