How to Choose a Rug for a Kid’s Room

How to Choose a Rug for a Kid’s Room

Rugs can complete the look of a child’s room and make it cozier for them when they want to sit or play on the floor. You need to make some special considerations for it, though, since kids won’t generally exercise as much caution around a rug as adults would. Ideally, you want to maximize its benefits without making the room more dangerous or high-maintenance. To better grasp how to choose a rug for a kid’s room, think about these characteristics.


Material is a good place to start when looking at rugs for your children, as this will directly affect their durability. Pick a hardy material such as polypropylene or cotton that can handle the wear of the kids walking on it frequently. The former is both soft and tough and resists water and staining substances. On the other hand, cotton rugs tend to be flatter and firmer than many other rugs, but they are also easy to clean. You can spot clean them without special supplies or place them in the washing machine if your kids spill anything on them.


Weave describes how the fibers in the rug are interlocked. The tighter the weave, the more resilient the rug tends to be. This is because the individual fibers are less prone to catching on other objects and pulling apart. A smoother surface is generally an indicator of a tight weave, as you can see in flatwoven and machine-made rugs. The other advantage of tight weaves for children is that small toys, snack crumbs, and dirt won’t become lost in between the threads as they would in a looser and/or shaggier rug. Instead, the rug will remain neat as the kids play on it and you’ll be able to vacuum up messes straightforwardly.


You don’t need to follow a hard rule on sizing a rug for a kid’s room, but you should try to find one that fills the majority of the floor space. Its dimensions should be about the same or larger than that of the bed and other furniture pieces. This will ensure that it doesn’t look out of place and it will give you the option of putting a few legs of the various furnishings on top of the rug to better hold it in place. Both the spacious size and overlap with furniture will reduce the chances that your children will slip, slide, and fall due to the rug as well.

With your knowledge of how to choose a rug for a kid’s room, your next step is to actually find a fitting one. For area rugs under $100 that you won’t need to fret over, visit Boutique Rugs online.


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