How To Mix Multiple Rugs in the Same Room

How To Mix Multiple Rugs in the Same Room

Whether you want to layer rugs to develop a more stimulating style or cover adjacent sections of a large space, you’ll need to understand how to mix multiple rugs in the same room. Rugs come in a vast range of patterns and colors, so it’s easy to create combinations that don’t work well. However, when you don’t limit a room to a single rug, there’s also great potential to enhance your home in a unique way. By referring to the following points as you make your choices, you can circumvent common pitfalls and bring your rugs together magnificently.

Vary the Boldness

Rugs may possess designs that give off varying degrees of boldness. Some are loud and covered with complicated shapes and several disparate hues. Others are quieter, with subtle patterns and only one or two colors. Using two or more rugs that all lean audacious will quickly bring chaos to a room because their sundry designs will vie for the viewer’s attention at the same time. However, you don’t want to go solely with rugs that have restrained designs either, since they can meld into a repetitive blob. Instead, try to mix rugs of differing boldness levels to strike a nice overall balance in the room. If one rug is punchy, the others next to it should support it with simpler styles.

Combine Different Textures

Despite featuring diverse visual designs, a pairing or group of rugs can still feel somewhat bland. To give your room more tasteful interest without overpowering it, combine different textures. A distinctive texture such as a high pile or hard plant fiber weave can bring a plain-looking rug to life by setting it apart from furniture pieces and other decorations. You may put one rug with a fuzzy, high pile next to one with a flatter surface. Alternatively, you could juxtapose a rug that has a hard plant fiber construction with one made of a soft, uniform fabric. Therein lies the key to making your room more enthralling while keeping it from becoming a busy mess of patterns.

Follow a Color Scheme

You may be at a loss for how to mix multiple rugs in the same room while retaining the sense they belong together. If you place rugs with purposefully assorted and even outright contrasting patterns, colors, and textures, what keeps them from seeming like random choices? The answer lies in your room’s color scheme. You want your rugs to have a clear dissimilarity in design, but they should fall within the greater color palette you have chosen for the room. This will keep them from appearing out of place. To illustrate, say you have a space covered in grays with hints of pink and beige. You could find one rug that has energetic pink and beige patterns with gray accents. The rug you choose to accompany this one can then be completely gray with minimal patterns.

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