Reasons Why Rug Pile Height Matters

Reasons Why Rug Pile Height Matters

Rugs come in various textures that are often influenced by the length of their piles. At a glance, these differences can be easy to miss, particularly when you’re searching for a new rug online and can’t see your choices in person. In reality, it’s important for you to be attentive to pile because it can influence the rug in multiple ways. We get into the major reasons why rug pile height matters below.

It Affects the Look

Even if every other factor is identical, two rugs with distinctive pile heights can have drastically different effects on a room. When you want to maintain a cool, refreshing mood, a low-pile rug is perfect because it’s thin and because the variations the pile brings with it are less visible. Such a rug interacts effortlessly with your furniture and fixtures without standing out greatly, provided that its design is consistent with the rest of the décor. Conversely, rugs with thicker piles leave a different kind of impact on a room. Their soft surfaces offer a welcome reprieve from harder, smoother chairs and tables or else heighten the luxurious warmth of other fabrics that are present nearby.

It Changes the Rug’s Function

Another reason why rug pile height matters is that it changes how you use the rug. Low piles are more suited to high-traffic areas in the home. You could place them under your dining table, near the entryway, or in a child’s room without fear that the threads will catch on objects or prematurely show signs of wear. This is because each fiber sits in close proximity to the others and is generally more tightly woven in a low-pile design. As you move towards medium and high piles, the durability of the rug decreases. These rugs are more prone to matting and other damages, and they thus fit better in private spaces such as dens and bedrooms. Since those areas often benefit from a cozy feel, this ends up working well.

It Influences Maintenance Needs

Tied in with a rug’s function in the home and its physical resilience, maintenance needs also vary with pile height. Low-pile rugs are easier to clean because they don’t have as much space in between their piles, where crumbs, dirt, and moisture can get trapped. Furthermore, you can vacuum low-pile rugs on a high-suction setting without worrying about marring the arrangement of their fibers. High-pile rugs become soiled more readily, and you must be careful that your vacuum’s moving parts don’t become tangled with them as you clean. You may need to crouch down and utilize the attached hose instead of running the vacuum head directly over the rug.

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