How To Choose a Rug for Your Nursery

How To Choose a Rug for Your Nursery

Decorating a nursery is a beautiful experience because it is a room specifically for your baby. Taking the time to thoughtfully choose each item that goes inside the nursey is something you should cherish. Putting time into considering each element of the room ensures that the nursery is filled with love and intention. Choosing each item can be overwhelming at times because there is a desire for everything to be perfect. If you’re wondering how to choose a rug for your nursery, we’ve put together a guide with a few things to consider. Read these tips to make the rug selection process an easy and enjoyable experience.

Determine Placement

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If placed correctly, a rug adds an element of warmth to a room. When considering how to choose a rug for your nursery, think about what kind of floor you have in your home. If the floor in your home is hardwood, a great option is an area rug. Many nurseries have an area rug in front of the crib. When selecting the best size for your rug, you should choose an area rug that is either big enough to touch each piece of furniture in the room or touches none of the furniture. This is a helpful tip when purchasing a rug because there are many size options. Additionally, this will help you decide how to space out each piece of furniture.

Consider Material

The material of the rug matters because it’s common for children to lay or crawl on rugs. Wool might sound like a luxurious option for your nursery, but it might irritate your baby’s skin. Shag rugs are not the best idea either, considering the curiosity of a child. Since shag rugs tend to have long hairs, a child may feel inclined to pull on the rug. It is also important to shy away from rugs that shed. Shedding rugs cause more work for you, and that’s the last thing you want as a parent. The shedding could also irritate your baby in some way. Short stack rugs are the best option for a nursery. They’re low maintenance and easy to clean. Plus, short stack rugs won’t collect as much dust as a high stack rug.

Choose a Pattern

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The best part about rug shopping is looking through the various patterns and colors. When choosing a rug for your nursery, it is smart to choose a rug that has a pattern. Although having a white rug sounds like a good idea, a patterned rug is a much better option. If something spills or your baby spits up, you will have a hard time cleaning a white rug. A patterned rug, on the other hand, can conceal minor spills and accidents. Since messy accidents are bound to happen in a nursery, consider choosing an area rug under $100.

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