The Elements of Modern Country Design

The Elements of Modern Country Design

Design trends change all the time, but one that’s stuck over the years is modern country interior design. If you like watching design shows, this is what’s often referred to as farmhouse style. Modern country design keeps things simple and minimal while focusing on practicality. Everything that is utilized in modern country design has a purpose. Modern country designs are rather minimal compared to other styles. If you‘re interested in learning the elements of modern country design, take note of these decorating tips.

Mixing Wood and Metal

Modern country design is interesting because it mixes materials. Many people love the design freedom this gives them. In a modern country style home, you might see a metal bed next to a wooden chair. It is common to mix wood and metal because the contrast gives the room character without overdoing the décor. This decorating style doesn’t incorporate many pieces of décor. Lanterns with candles inside of them are often used as décor because they give the home a cozy feel. These lanterns are usually made of black metal, which goes along with the theme of mixing wood and metal.

Neutral Furniture

Another popular element of the modern country design is neutral furniture. It’s rare to see colorful furniture in a modern country home. When in doubt, keep it neutral. Most furniture is either white, cream, or tan. If you’re interested in adding color, consider doing so with a rug. Keeping the furniture neutral is the best option because it maintains a more minimalist aesthetic. In this design style, most elements within the home are functional pieces, and nearly everything is a neutral color. Again, metal is popular in modern country design, so implementing furniture with black metal could add contrast to the light colors.

Floral Print Rugs

Although the elements of modern country design are rather minimal, floral print is a popular design element that incorporates some color. Since most of the design elements are neutral, a floral area rug is a great way to add a pop of color. One option is to choose bright florals that incorporate blue or green hues. You could also stick with the neutral theme but choose a print that’s more intricate.

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