How to Take Care of an Area Rug

How to Take Care of an Area Rug

Area rugs are instrumental in completing a room, as they create a visible base for the furniture and other decorations. Their placement on the floor and their fibrous texture necessitate that they be maintained well, though, to keep them from becoming fusty. If you’re unsure how to clean yours, read this handy guide on how to take care of an area rug.

General Care

Just as you would for a full-length carpet, you should vacuum your rug regularly to pull out small particles of dust, dirt, and debris that become trapped in it as time passes. Since the rug is most likely partially covered by furniture, you may also rotate it as you clean so that it gets more even wear. Rotation will prevent it from having some spots that are more faded than others due to abrasion and sunlight.

Address any spills immediately because they will soak in more thoroughly if they sit, making them harder to remove. Use a sponge or cloth to blot the affected area, and then apply a rug cleaning solution.

Plant Fiber Rug Care

Plant fiber rugs, such as jute and sisal rugs, are woven and lack the normal pile that other rugs possess. Pieces of the plant fibers may break off on their top and bottom surfaces, so make sure to vacuum not only on the rug but beneath it as well. If you notice fibers sticking up from the rug, don’t pull on them. Instead, clip them away to prevent further damage.

Clean stains with water, soap, and a brush. After you’ve scrubbed, clean off the soap with water. Put the rug on some towels and ensure that it dries quickly because leaving it wet for too long will deteriorate it. You can use a blow-dryer to speed up the process.

Fur and Hair Rug Care

To keep the hairs and animal hide of these kinds of rugs in a good state, you should avoid getting them soaked. Generally, brushing them and shaking them down can get rid of most of the dirt that may get caught in them.

Treat stains by dabbing them and using mild soap or shampoo. Depending on the specific type of rug, there may be a special detergent you can use to clean without harming it. When you dry the rug afterward, don’t expose it to direct sunlight or heat.

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