Tips for How To Clean a Jute Rug

Jute rugs weave together natural plant fibers to create a soft texture and distinct look that sets them apart from plainer rugs. Often left undyed, jute rugs give an interior an organic air with their brown or tan color variations and small irregularities. While their characteristics are enthralling to anyone looking for a fresh and interesting interior, you may have some reservations if you don’t know what goes into maintaining such a rug. Due to this dilemma, we’ve provided some tips for how to clean a jute rug.

Regular Maintenance

For routine maintenance, there are a handful of techniques you can use to get rid of dirt, dust, and germs while still upholding your jute rug’s appearance. On days when the sun is out, you can carry your rug outside and shake it or beat it with a broom. This removes any dirt that may be trapped between the rug’s fibers. You can also leave it outside in the sunlight to kill bacteria afterward.

Within the home, you can vacuum your jute rug and the floor beneath it to suck up dust and other particles that either sit on its surface or fall through the weave. Make sure to keep your vacuum on the gentlest setting to prevent accidental damage to the rug. It is usually safer to use an attached vacuum hose rather than the primary beater brush, for the same reason. To clean your rug more deeply, you may use a dry-cleaning powder, which you will scatter onto the rug’s face before vacuuming.

Dealing with Stains

Sometimes, you will need to deal with liquids and other substances that take more than a simple shake or vacuuming to remove. If someone spills a drink or mud gets lodged onto the rug, you should spot clean the affected area with a cloth and warm water. Dab the rug, but do not rub it. A rubbing motion can further ingrain the stain in the fibers. If the stain doesn’t disappear, you can mix a mild detergent with water and use that to blot the rug.

Certain substances, including tomato sauce and wine, are acidic and can discolor your rug. You can minimize the effects of these stains by applying club soda. After you wet the rug, dry it with a hairdryer. You can get rid of solid stains, such as dried mud, by taking them off with a spoon or similar utensil, brushing the area to loosen the remaining debris, and vacuuming the entire area.

What To Avoid

As implied above, you do not want your jute rug to stay wet for an extended period of time. Its fibers will absorb and hold the water, promoting mold and mildew growth. As mentioned, you should finish spot cleaning by drying the area with a hairdryer. If a large area of your jute rug gets wet, you should hang it outside in the sun to dry. Check to see that there is no moisture left in the rug before placing it back inside.

Use these tips for how to clean a jute rug to keep yours in great condition. You can find a variety of trendy area rugs, including beautiful jute rugs, online at Boutique Rugs. Visit our website, or give us a call today.