Turn Your Bedroom Into a Bohemian Paradise

Turn Your Bedroom Into a Bohemian Paradise

Clean simplicity and safe decorating choices in your bedroom may be satisfying to many, but you might be a person who likes a more laid-back and fun vibe. Sticking to neutral colors and plain sheets and furniture will ensure your room looks clean and lacks any egregious style mistakes, but it can also make it feel cold and sterile—two things you don’t want in the space where you go to sleep at the end of the day.

If you want to give your bedroom more warmth and coziness, using Bohemian design as your inspiration is a good route to take. This way, you have the freedom to incorporate a diverse assortment of interesting items that make the space multidimensional and enchanting. Successfully turn your bedroom into a Bohemian paradise with our advice. You may end up liking the room so much that you decide to adorn the rest of your home according to the same design principles.

Include Plants in Your Décor

Plants are welcome additions to just about any home, but you may associate them more with the living room. In more standard design styles, if you want to bring in some greenery to your bedroom, you must often limit yourself to only one. In a Bohemian bedroom, though, you can have more plants that you scatter around, on, or next to different furniture pieces. Since Bohemian style often includes natural fibers, wood, and motifs that depict leaves and winding stems, the plants will fit in impeccably while conveying that sense of positive ease you are after.

For larger plants that will stand from the floor, look for species with big, broad leaves that grow tall. Smaller leafy plants or succulents are better suited to dresser tops where they won’t disappear among the other details in the room. To go beyond the norm, you can also suspend potted indoor climbing plants from ropes, wires, or walls to keep the upper regions of the room from becoming too boring.

Bring in Multiple Lighting Styles

Your bedroom’s lighting is a functional necessity when it is dark outside, but it also presents a great opportunity for you to incorporate an eclectic decorating style. Instead of relying on basic ceiling lights or standing lamps, mix up your lighting and use it to add character to the space. You could replace a bland light fixture with a chandelier to build upon the old, artistic European foundations that serve as a major influence in this style. Use these same foundations with the lamps you set on tables or dressers. Go for ornate intricacy in the shades and forms of the lamps themselves.

For a modern, playful twist, use string lights. You can attach these directly to a wall, drape them along the corners of the ceiling, or wind them around an overhead bedframe, where they can sit alongside a graceful canopy that enshrouds your bed. Pendant lights with frames woven from plant fibers are yet another option that will work alongside the florae that you spread around the room.

Emphasize a Wealth of Texture

An emphasis on texture is a hallmark of Bohemian home décor and, luckily, there are numerous ways to assimilate texture into your bedroom with this style. The easiest place to start is with the bed. Choose sheets that have variations in their fabric, making them appear different from a completely even, flat fabric and causing them to feel different as well. For example, you might use a knitted or crocheted blanket as the outermost covering on your bed. The pillowcases you use may also contribute texture to the room with different materials, woven patterns that stick out from their surfaces, or fringes that give them a fur-like look. If your Bohemian bedroom has furniture seating, you can use upholstery to add texture.

Aside from the softer aspects of the room, you should also select rigid items with texture in mind. A low-standing antique wooden bedframe will supply your setup with the tactility of wood grains. Vintage wooden drawers and nightstands can fulfill a similar purpose. Along with the woven-frame pendant lights that we have touched upon, baskets also have a bumpy texture that your bedroom can benefit from.

Integrate More Than One Pattern

Having a plethora of patterns is another driving force behind Bohemian style that often innately works together with texture. As you find pillows and blankets that possess stimulating textures, you will find that they may have elaborate patterns as well. For instance, a fringed pillow might contrast its smooth and downy sections in clear stripes that give it a distinctiveness you can see.

But you shouldn’t stop there. Bohemian decorating utilizes geometric and symmetrical patterns that originate from different cultures in regions that surround Europe to the east and the south. Hence, the detailed rugs you associate with the style are sometimes referred to as Persian, as many of those patterns came from that area. This brings to focus the primary method you can use to feature patterns in your bedroom—rugs. You might set down just one rug, placing your bed and other furniture pieces around it, or you can use several rugs to break the room into sections. Layering Bohemian-style rugs is a useful technique you may employ as well.

To do this, lay a large rug on the floor and place smaller rugs on top, either centered or staggered, to juxtapose their diverse patterns in a dynamic way. Simultaneously, the rugs’ soothing textures will serve to keep the arrangement from getting overly energetic. You can gain a similar effect by positioning smooth but exotically patterned pillows next to each other on the bed.

Wallpaper and tapestries can also introduce striking patterns to the upper reaches of the space, working with lighting and hanging plants to turn your bedroom into a well-rounded Bohemian paradise. While you should try to include more than one pattern in your bedroom, you may find that you have trouble figuring out how to keep things cohesive. In this case, a helpful rule of thumb is to define a color palette that all your patterned elements will follow. Each one can highlight different hues yet should still remain within the bounds of the overall palette.


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