High-Pile Rugs vs. Low-Pile Rugs

High-Pile Rugs vs. Low-Pile Rugs

Rugs may seem like such simple additions to the home that you might think you don’t need to give them much thought when selecting one. In truth, each detail in a rug can have a dramatic effect on how you perceive it and how it can improve your living experience. The specific characteristic we’ll take a look at in this article is the length of a rug’s pile. Without further ado, let’s compare high-pile rugs vs. low-pile rugs and identify which is right for you.

High-Pile Rugs

For people who want to maximize the plushness in a room with warmth and softness, a high-pile rug is the favorable choice. Many people find that a fluffier rug emanates an inherent sense of grandeur. You might also appreciate a high-pile rug’s great comfort. Perhaps you enjoy spending time lying down and sitting on the rug and can significantly benefit from the extra padding the high pile provides. Rugs with a high pile also tend to hold more visual weight in a room. You may relax your home’s temperament by using a high-pile rug as a point of divergence from furniture dominated by cold and rigid shapes. It can also bolster an already lavish setup by introducing a texture reminiscent of a fleecy fur.

Low-Pile Rugs

On the other end of the spectrum lie low-pile rugs. Whereas high-pile rugs find their forte in the realm of aesthetics, low-pile rugs are more conducive to maintaining order in your home with less effort. Since the pile stands closer to the rug’s base, it’s much easier to vacuum these rugs and ensure that allergens don’t gather within them. If you have children or pets that will frequently walk on the rug and possibly spill liquids or track in dirt, you’ll probably want a rug that isn’t a chore to keep clean. The same goes for areas that will see high traffic, such as underneath a dining table, where people will move chairs on the rug often.

That said, low-pile rugs can still hold their own from an aesthetic perspective. You can find low-pile rugs in all kinds of patterns and colors. Rugmakers may weave them from tougher materials that have their own unique charm and give off a refreshing or pleasantly rugged ambiance. You might find this more fitting than high-pile rugs, depending on your interior design and the climate in which you live.

Hopefully, you have a clearer picture of which pile length is better for your home after examining high-pile rugs vs. low-pile rugs. You can find rugs for less in both styles on the Boutique Rugs website, so don’t hesitate to peruse our collection today.


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