Outdoor Rugs
Outdoor Rugs

Spending time on the porch, deck or patio is a perfect way to enjoy your summer evenings, also making an outdoor space that’s functional and at the same time, fashionable is feasible.
A view of indoor living that can really enhance your outdoor space is an outdoor patio rug.  Because rugs have character, adding color and style to even the smallest patio or deck.

What is outdoor patio rug material?

Polypropylene is the most popular outdoor patio rug material. It is stain-resistant, easy to clean, durable, won't fade from sunlight, and can handle heavy foot traffic.

The Benefits of Outdoor Patio Rugs

They protect the floor and hide the damage.
They prevent sliding and so create a safe area.
They add a cozy and modern touch to decks and patio.

What size should the outdoor patio rug be?

With an 8x10 outdoor patio rug or a 9x12 outdoor patio rug, you can arrange all the garden furniture neatly within its boundaries. 
With the help of our quality outdoor patio rug collection, you can find boutique-inspired trends and styles all at affordable prices.

Are rug pads good for outdoor use? 

You can use your rug pads outside. Please acknowledge that using the rug pads outside may shorten the expected life of the item. 

Do we have an outdoor product that can stand in the garden 24/7? 

Our outdoor rugs are more resistant to water and sun than other rugs. When a rug is constantly exposed to external factors, this may affect its lifespan of the rug. If the complaint is mold, moss, stain, etc, we recommend pouring dish detergent on the mentioned areas and rubbing the area with the help of a sponge or cloth then wipe over with a clean wet cloth. It is also important to dry the rug that has been exposed to water, we recommend hanging the rug to dry both sides evenly.  

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