Outdoor Rugs for Outside Spaces

Spending time outside on the porch, deck or patio is a perfect way to enjoy your summer evenings, also making an outdoor space that’s functional and at the same time, fashionable is feasible. A view of indoor living can really enhance your outdoor space with an outdoor rug.  Because outdoor area rugs have distinct character, it adds color and style even to the smallest patio or deck.

The Benefits of Outdoor Rugs

  • Outdoor rugs protect the floor and hide the damage.
  • Outdoor rugs prevent sliding and create a safe outside area.
  • Outdoor area rugs add a cozy and modern touch to decks and patio.

Waterproof Outdoor Rugs

Waterproof outdoor rugs are the perfect addition to any outdoor area. Whether you need to cover a large area or just want a small round waterproof outdoor rug, there is an option for everyone. Polypropylene is the most popular material used for waterproof outdoor rugs because it offers great resilience and durability with still being relatively soft. Not only does it not get damaged by water, but it also will not fade in the sunlight. Plus, our waterproof outdoor rugs have been tested for durability against rain, snow, and direct sunlight. This means that you don’t have to worry about your waterproof outdoor rug getting mold or moisture buildup on it.

What Size & Shape Should the Outdoor Rug Be?

Proper sizing is critical in making certain that an outdoor rug is favorably suited for your patio, deck, or porch.

With the help of our quality outdoor rug collection for patios and outside areas, you can find boutique-inspired trends and outdoor rug styles all at affordable rug prices.

What is the Outdoor Rug Material?

Material is the first thing you should consider as you look for a durable outdoor area rug. Outside the home, it’s usually better to go for more physically enduring materials. 

  • Polypropylene is the most popular material for outdoor rugs because it combines relative softness with high resilience. It is durable, not damaged at all by water and won't fade from sunlight. It can handle heavy foot traffic.
  • Synthetic materials like nylon is a good choice for an outdoor rug if there is high foot traffic. However, it's not as stain-resistant as other materials and it can get really hot under direct sunlight.
  • Natural Fibers such as jute outdoor rugs or bamboo area rugs can provide an organic aesthetic but moisture and water can wear down the rug.

Are Rug Pads Good for Outdoor Use? 

You can use your rug pads outside with your outdoor area rugs. Please acknowledge that using the rug pads outside may shorten the expected life of the item. 

Does Boutique Rugs Have an Outdoor Area Rug That Can Stand Outside 24/7? 

Our outdoor area rugs are more resistant to water and direct sunlight than other, non-outdoor rugs. When an outdoor rug is constantly exposed to external factors, this may affect its lifespan. If the complaint is mold, moss, stain, etc, we recommend pouring dish detergent on the mentioned areas and rubbing the area with the help of a sponge or cloth then wipe over with a clean wet cloth. It is also important to dry the rug that has been exposed to water. We recommend hanging the rug to dry both sides evenly.  

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