The Different Types of Rug Weaves

There’s a lot to consider when decorating a room. Wall color, furniture, and décor all play into the vibe of the room. When you choose a rug for your home, it’s important to think about how the rug is made. Understanding how a rug is made can help you choose one that is perfect for your lifestyle. If you’re interested in learning the different types of rug weaves, keep reading this guide.


Out of all the different types of rug weaves, the flatweave is one of the most popular. The flat weave gets its name because it’s thinly woven. Since a flatwoven rug is thin, it’s important to use a rug pad under the rug. This prevents the rug from slipping. This option is often reversible and does not have a pile. This rug weave doesn’t have a backing, so spills won’t seep in and cling to the fibers. Flatweave rugs are a great, affordable option, as well. These factors make flatweave rugs a great option for families.


A hand-tufted rug is another great option for anyone that’s looking for an affordable option. Hand-tufted rugs are slightly different from flatweave because a hand-tufted weave does have a backing. Hand-tufted rugs do shed a bit, so make sure to vacuum them regularly. To minimize the shedding, try to vacuum a hand-tufted rug once a week. This type of rug functions best as an accent piece in a bedroom or living room.


Machine-made rugs are extremely strong and affordable. If you’re looking to buy a rug for a high-traffic area of your home, such as a playroom, this is a great option. Machine-made rugs use synthetic fibers, which make the rug more durable. Machine-made rugs are made with a power loom, which is where the name gets its meaning. Since machine-made rugs are made with a power loom, they’re produced extremely quickly. These rugs can last up to 20 years.

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