Tips for Keeping Area Rugs Where You Want Them

Tips for Keeping Area Rugs Where You Want Them

You’ve finally gotten your hands on a beautiful rug that does nothing but enhance its surroundings in your home. Everything seems perfect until you put it down and start to walk on it. Uh-oh. You notice it bunching up and sliding out of alignment. Now it just looks like a pile of misshapen fabric on the floor. What do you do in such a situation, especially when you want the rug in a place where it won’t be pinned down underneath heavy furniture? Try these tips for keeping area rugs where you want them.

Use a Rug Pad

A rug pad is a sheet that you place on the floor beneath a rug. The pad grips on to the floor and the rug so that the rug stays in place. It’s undeniably handy. However, some people may find that the pad leaves behind residue and ruins their hardwood floors. This is often because the pad they obtained was made of cheap PVC, which may bond to the polyurethane in wood finishes. Instead, opt for a high-quality rug pad made of felt and rubber so that you get its benefits without such a damaging drawback.

Sub in Shelf Liner

If your rug is smaller and you aren’t worried about the flooring, you can use a rubber shelf liner instead of a rug pad. It will also work to hold the rug in place, and you can cut it to the specific size and shape of your rug. Perhaps what is most appealing about this method is that it is cost-effective, since rubber shelf liners are cheap and easy to find.

Go for Double-Sided Tape

One last tip for keeping area rugs where you want them—double-sided rug tape. As with rug pads, you want to find a tape that is of high quality and specifically made with your type of flooring in mind so that it doesn’t cause any damage. Once you’ve found the right kind, it’s easy to stick it along the edges on the back of the rug and then place it down where you want. Rug tape is much stronger than the normal tape you might use in the office, so it will prevent the movement of even heavy rugs. Your long area rug runners might be good candidates for some taping treatment, for instance. It should be safe to use on smooth surfaces, including hardwood, concrete, and laminate.


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