Why are Jute Rugs Very Popular Recently?

These days, jute rugs seem very popular. It is common to visit a friend’s or neighbor’s house and see that they have a jute rug decorating their living room. More and more decorators now include jute rugs into their home decor ideas. 

Like most trends in design, jute rugs are having a resurgence. Once a popular floor covering staple that seemed to go out of favor, and always featured in coastal homes, now jute rugs can work in many style homes with many types of decor.

Is there a reason for this? Or have people all over the world just randomly picked up jute rugs as a nice accessory to have in their homes? Why are jute rugs so popular?

These are the questions that we will answer in this article. But first, let's take a look at what jute rugs are.

What Exactly Are Jute Rugs?

Jute rugs are natural fiber rugs made from vegetable plants. The fibers obtained from the plants are made into strands which are woven into knots and braids, depending on the desired pattern of the rug. These knots and braids make up the rug. Jute fiber is also 100% bio-degradable and recyclable and thus environmentally friendly. More on this below.

Jute materials are softer, unlike Sisal rugs. Sisal rugs are made from a drier, coarser material. They have a harder texture than jute rugs.

Some jute rugs are a blend of hessian and chenille material. This blend creates a rug that is soft and yet thick, making it gentle on the skin and also durable. It makes an impact when it is kept in any room; no wonder the demand for it has increased over the years.

Let’s take a look at some of the major reasons why jute rugs have become popular in recent days.

What's So Great About Jute Rugs?

#1. They are Enduring:

Jute rugs are sustainable, and can last a very long time if treated properly. Unlike Sisal rugs which become dry and brittle with time, jute rugs will not break down because of their softer texture. It is no surprise then that most people would go for jute rugs because of this enduring quality.

Some other rugs, like viscose rugs, do not last very long under foot traffic. Made of man-made rayon filaments, they will corrode quickly when people walk on them regularly. But this isn't the case with jute rugs. Because they are woven, they will hold up under foot traffic and will last for a long period of time. 

#2. They are Eco-friendly:

Everyone is going green. The need to nurture and preserve our environment has led to the rush for anything sustainable. With jute rugs, you achieve a classically elegant look for your house and still preserve the environment.

Jute fibers can be recycled. They are hand-made, biodegradable, and practical. Many people have chosen jute rugs just because they are a more eco-friendly choice.

#3. They are Stylish in a Natural Way:

Jute rugs give off the traditional beauty of nature. Most jute rugs come in a neutral color and can match with other decorative items in your house. They make your house cozy and give off a classic look.

With jute rugs, you can change the style of your room as frequently as you wish, without a lot of stress. You won't have to worry; whether you’re going for the mid-century modern theme or you want your sitting room to have a bohemian look. Your jute rug carpet will fit just right; always there to complete the look!

#4. They are Easy to Clean:

Who doesn’t like the less stressful option when it comes to cleaning? Getting rid of dust and dirt from jute rugs is a pretty uncomplicated affair. 

A jute rug has fibers that easily capture dirt and dust. The debris works its way through the fibers and gets under the rug until you are ready to clean. Then all you need to do is take the rug outside and shake the dust and dirt off.

#5. They are Convenient for Other Home Decor Purposes:

Jute rugs are also multi-purpose. Some people have used their intricately designed jute rugs for other decorative purposes, like a decorative wall hanging. This way, they are able to display the artistry of the maker better. 

#6. They are Comfortable:

Jute rugs are not just lovely to look at, but they are comfortable on your skin too. Many homeowners are grateful that they can come home after work and be welcomed by a soft and comfortable rug to make their feet feel good. 

#7. Jute Rugs are Great for Layering:

A very popular trend now is to layer rugs and the neutral tones of jute make these rugs perfect for a layered look. If you have a small rug that you want to use in a larger area, just layer it over a jute rug. You can also change up your decor by layering jute rugs in different rooms whenever you want to do a simple revamp of your style.

Bottom Line

Jute rugs have amazing qualities that make them the favorite pick for home decor. Because they are hand-woven, they are treasures that can showcase an artisan’s craftsmanship and a homeowner’s good tastes. 

They are versatile and come in different shades of natural colors, allowing them to blend in with your other home decorations nicely. You can even use a jute rug as a base for layering a smaller statement or vintage rug. This way, you can make both patterns and color stand out. 

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