The Ultimate Guide on How to Decorate in Bohemian Style

The Ultimate Guide on How to Decorate in Bohemian Style

Bohemian style, also known as Boho, is a decorating philosophy that flies in the face of many modern sensibilities. It champions unconventionality and nonchalance over austerity and strict intentionality. For those who lean toward ornamental richness and enjoy combining elements from a wide range of cultures, Bohemian decor is perfect. When executed well, it can give off an air of expressiveness and magic which stands apart from the mundane. Here we present a decorator’s guide to Bohemian style so you can transform your interior into a place of unique wonder and complexity. We put together a guide to decorating in a bohemian style, so read on to learn more.

Mix Colors & Patterns

While other styles keep things minimal, bohemian style encourages a mix of colors and patterns. When selecting the colors to work with, you should aim to reflect the luxury and depth that comes with organic shades. To this end, make the dominating hues warm and natural. This includes browns, tans, and earthen greens, which act as the foundational anchors of the room. From there, add in more vibrant colors such as crimson, rust orange, and any brilliant jewel tones you prefer. Emerald, sapphire, teal, maroon, and mustard all make worthy accents to a colorful boho living room.

For a bohemian style house, think of exotic patterns from folk traditions all around the world and crafted artwork that embodies the elegance of nature. Smaller accessories such as blankets, mirrors, and lamps can also have detailed patterns embellishing their appearance. What will make all these boho decorating shine is how you bring them together. Mix them in layers and embrace your freedom to go eccentric with how you juxtapose them on walls, seating, and tabletops. Intricacy is key here as you want your bohemian fashion to convey playfulness and vibrancy.

Wallpaper is a fun way to incorporate boho patterns into a room. Prints hung on the wall are another opportunity to decorate with various patterns and colors. To take it a step further, choose mismatched frames to hang the prints in. Bohemian decoration is all about being expressive, so just do what feels right.

Natural Materials

Another element that’s popular in bohemian decor is the use of natural materials. You can use many different things to execute this—you could even use materials right outside your door. Natural materials make great decorations for boho furniture. You could use driftwood, for example, as décor on a bookshelf or coffee table.
A wooden coffee table is a great way to incorporate this element to your boho living room. The distressed wood is a great choice as it looks good as it ages. Plus, a wood table gives you the freedom to go big and bold with your other furniture. You can add books, candles, plants, or anything else. A fun way to decorate a table is to buy a bowl and fill it with something different every few months.


There wouldn’t be a guide to a bohemian decor without plants. It’s nearly impossible to find a boho inspired room without at least one plant. Since the bohemian style can reside in the presence of busy, yet gentle details, there is no greater accompaniment for it than plants. They can effectively break up excess and heaviness in an ornate arrangement and bring it into an ideal balance.

If you want to get modern bohemian living room ideas, there are many options for plants but make sure you choose one that’s suitable for indoors. It’s also important to consider how much light the plant needs. Plants can improve your mood and help clean the indoor air. A few plants that thrive indoors include philodendrons, spider plants, pothos plants, and monstera. You can go with the large, broadleaved varieties standing on the floor and stretching up above furniture or more tiny, slender types that you can set on tables and shelves.

There are also many ways to display your plants in bohemian chic. One option is to hang the plants from the ceiling. There are macramé plant hangers available for purchase, or you could try to make your own. If you’re not the best at nurturing flora, you can find kinds that are low maintenance as well. Philodendrons are hardy in changing temperatures and varying light exposure for your modern boho living room. Succulents come in a plethora of appearances and need only sunlight and minimal water. Consider making a schedule to remember how often the plants need water, especially if you have more than one.

Vintage Pieces

You’ll know the bohemian decor when you see it. A home that’s decorated in inspired style will likely have a mix of new and old items. Someone who loves bohemian aesthetic probably enjoys unique items and that’s why vintage decor is an essential part of this aesthetic.

To achieve the desired look, your boho furniture should be an eclectic collection of pieces. Vintage stores are your friend here, as you can come across one-of-a-kind finds that will be right at home among your other furniture. Look for sofas, chairs, tables, and shelves that possess an artistic, though not necessarily matching allure. Opulent pillows set on your seating and thick and fine curtains will enhance your boho inspired room even further.

Floor Seating

Floor seating is another hallmark of bohemian decor, so you may want to obtain a low sofa and cushions just for that purpose. This low seating allows you to sit anywhere you choose in your boho inspired room. You could use an ottoman or poof to execute this element. Since these pillows are designed for the floor, they’re comfy enough to sit on. The bean bag chairs are another great option for low seating. Bohemian style houses are cozy; so floor seating adds to their vibe!

Layer Rugs

Texture is one of the most important elements of boho house decor. There are many ways to incorporate texture into your home. One of the best ways is with layer rugs. Although this might be a new concept to you, it’s easy to execute! First lay out a large rug, then place a slightly smaller rug over it so that a portion of the first rug is still visible. You can center the top rug over the initial one or layered off to the side of it as well. This adds texture to the room, but it also makes the room feel super cozy. There are many ways to layer rugs. For example, you can layer a printed rug atop a neutral rug. Since patterns are popular in bohemian style, you can layer one boho pattern atop another. The options are endless!

Think about these considerations, and you’ll be able to create a bohemian style interior design that has new aspects to discover upon repeated viewings for visitors. If you’re looking for excellent rugs to decorate your home within the Bohemian style, take advantage of our large selection at Boutique Rugs. We can help you find just what you need.


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